Thursday, 27 February 2014

Casa Angelina Afternoon cake tea

Hello everyone,

Before Christmas I was sent an e-mail from Groupon. On it I spotted an offer for afternoon tea at Casa Angelina on 42 London St, Edinburgh, EH3 6LX,  so I decided to buy one so I could treat my mum when she came to visit me. The offer was only £6.95 and you got to choose from a range of teas, a scone each and a little cupcake with a raspberry adorned on them.

I loved the outside of the shop as it is pink and I adore afternoon teas too so I was really looking forward to going. The only thing I found with Groupons sometimes is that it is really hard to book them. It took me three attempts at trying to book this afternoon tea (direct with Casa Angelina) as I didn't get a response at first (It took over a week and I had to chase it up.)

The Vintage Tea room and patisserie has a small breakfast menu, lunch menu and sells a range of homemade cakes.

Casa Angelina is named after the owners grandmother from Italy who used to make delicious food. People in the neighbourhood would use to stop by on the way home from work as she always made an excess of food. She was the inspiration to create the Casa Angelina tea room.

The prices are really good for the food and drinks but this menu feels as though it is from a cheap cafe rather than a vintage tea room. We could choose from the wide selection of teas on offer and chose the Scottish  breakfast tea.

You go through the shop and into the back to be seated. This room was quite large and decorated with vintage pieces and artwork on the walls. The basket you can see at the back was advertised as a dressing up box but it was all just thrown in. The room was also cold and didn't really have an atmosphere.

On the fireplace at the back you can see Angelina and the background story.
I really like how she inspired the owner to open up her own business. It just goes to show that if you follow your heart, your dreams come true.

The room was decorated as though you were in a large living room. It had different arrangements of tables and chairs inside.

I like the bird cage art work on the wall but the sheer curtains didn't make the overall artwork look finished.

This homemade rhubarb jam was incredible. It was the best jam I have ever tasted in my life. I love clotted cream too, so on the scones it was truly scrumptious.

All of the cups, saucer and teapots were vintage too to tie in with the whole theme.

The scones were fresh, still warm and absolutely delicious. 
Now I'm not entirely sure why I haven't taken a picture of the stand that it came on. Thinking back, I think I felt uncomfortable and it wasn't a 'warm' atmosphere.

This was before I had my hair dyed chocolate reddy brown! I love my Bambi jumper and the diamante necklace! It was on a Sunday morning after a busy weekend.

This sign made me giggle which was hanging above the toilet in the bathroom.

The presentation of this bun is gorgeous and it tasted lovely too.

So overall, I wouldn't eat inside here again. I just didn't like the feel of the place. It wasn't over friendly and lacked atmosphere. The food is brilliant quality though so this cannot be faulted at all. I'm a very positive, bubbly person  but also very honest and both me and my mum felt the same.

Love Laura xoxo