Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Miss Patisserie - Jungle Flower- fizzy bath ball review

Hello everyone,

Today I have a review on another one of the Miss Patisserie fizzy bath balls for you. The one I chose for my bath today was  '*Jungle Flowers.' This one retails for £2.40 and you can purchase it online here.
This fizzy ball is a great size and has the scent of lime and lily flowers which sounds very refreshing.

I love the colour of the bath ball and when I popped it into my running bath.and it immediately started to fizz. After around one minute the aqua green water was absolutely gorgeous and very vibrant. I was pleasantly surprised with how strong the water colour was and loved the little petals that escaped from the ball and floated on the water. I love how a sprinkling of glitter has been added to the fizzy bath balls too.

I think this is a great size for the £2.40 price tag and the natural ingredients that are used.

The fizzy bath ball accidentally dropped out of my hand, landed in the water and started fizzing immediately. You can see the colour escaping from the fizzy.

The gorgeous aqua green colour spread quickly and my bath was soon filled with an emerald colour which reminded me of The Wizard Of Oz. I love that film. 
I tend to have showers every day so when I received these and ran a bath it was a little slice of luxury. I think I may need to purchase more to feel the indulgence regularly.

Here you can see the pretty petals floating on the water. I really liked this added touch.

Overall the scent of this was lovely but what wowed me the most was the actual colour of the water. Again with this bath fizzy, I noticed how moisturising it was on my skin.
I would definitely like to try out the other versions too.

What do you think of this bath fizzy?

Love Laura xoxo

*PR Sample sent kindly for review. All words are 100% honest and my own.

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