Thursday, 27 February 2014

Batiste's hair saviours

Hello everyone,

It's sun shining again where I live and it makes me feel a lot more motivated and productive. I feel as though I have accomplished a lot already today.

I love Batiste and their ever growing range. My favourite and first one I ever bought, was the Batiste Tropical which has a scent of coconuts and reminds me of a faraway beach. I have been using Batiste in between washes to give it a refresh, shine and gorgeous scent.

I was excited to try varieties that I had not used before. These being the *New smoothing conditioning mist £3.99, *Strength and shine £3.99, *Fruity and cheeky cherry £2.99, *A hint of colour- dark & deep brown £3.99 (for my newly dyed locks) and the *XXL plumping powder £3.99.

On the photographs on the left hand side, I have a severe case of day old  bed head!
In the top photo I used spritzes of the Strength and Shine combined with the conditioning mist, whilst the bottom photo I have used solely the Smoothing conditioning mist.
I love both of these products and as you can see they have improved the appearance of my hair, added shine and condition and also smoothed it too. 
I then finished my hair by either adding a hairband or clipping up the front section of my hair.
I would definitely repurchase these two after they have finished. 
With the smoothing conditioning mist, it contains Argan oil and I soon as I had sprayed it onto my hair there was an instant softness and conditioned look.

L-R Strength and Shine, a hint of colour deep and dark brown, cherry, smoothing conditioning mist and XXL plumping powder.

I love how the hint of colour dark & deep brown compliments my hair colour as the Cherry needs blending into my hair a little. I would repurchase this one also as I think it is fabulous.

I shook a little powder at a time onto the palm of my hand and placed under sections at the root. I then scrunched my hair and it does add a lot of volume to my hair. As my hair is curly it only needs a little encouragement as it is and this made it have full volume. I wear this on nights out or to events as I feel that it adds extra glamour to my hair.

The fruity & cheeky cherry smells gorgeous. I love cherries and fruity scents so a spritz of this makes you feel as though you have freshly washed hair. The scented ones remind me of hair perfume as your hair has a lovely scent to it all day.

I would highly recommend all of these products. Each one has a little gem to offer your hair and in my opinion they are priced incredibly well for the quality and the duration that the cans last.

Love Laura
P.s I think I spoke too soon as it is now hail stoning!

*PR items sent very kindly for review. All text is from my own honest mind :)