Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mimi's Bakehouse Afternoon Tea Review

Hi everyone,

On Sunday we went to Mimi's Bakehouse which is on 63 Shore in Edinburgh. We had vouchers from my sister-in-law to be for our engagement gift which was so lovely.

I was so excited to go and after Googling the menu online we decided to have the afternoon tea. I adore afternoon teas and always want this option if I go to a place that has it. 

Mimi's bakehouse has gorgeous decor and the queue was out of the door when we first arrived so it's a good job that I booked beforehand. It's large inside which is great as it can fit lots of people, plus the atmosphere isn't compromised. I loved the signs and artwork on the walls - one large one said "I knew you were coming so I baked." Which I didn't get a photo of unfortunately as we weren't near enough .

I loved these gift vouchers as they had a gorgeous design and beautiful pastel colours.

The menu for the afternoon tea was already on the table waiting as we were shown over and decided to go for the classic afternoon tea. 

There were so many varieties of tea to choose from but I prefer the everyday brew. We got around one and a half cups each out of this pot.

The raspberry jam and clotted cream on the scones were one of my favourite parts of the afternoon tea. It was absolutely delicious. I put wayyyy too much on my scones!

The afternoon tea arrived on a vintage three tier cake stand which was lovely. There were four scones on the top layer, eight mini cakes on the middle tier and twelve little sandwiches on the lower tier.
To me at first glance the portions look small but when you start to eat, you start to get surprisingly full.

This is the rocky road mini bite- I'm not sure if it's actually named this but it looks like it! This was yummy with generous pieces of marshmallow inside.

From left to right- Mini meringues with raspberry and blueberries, marshmallow road, white chocolate Malteser bite and red velvet Valentine's cupcakes.

These scones were delicious and I could have eaten more of these.

This was one of the signs up on the wall near to where we were sat. I love anything like this and would have this in my house.

My camera focused more on my nail polish here rather than the delicious white malteser which didn't last two minutes!

This red velvet cupcake was delicious. The sponge was incredibly moist and I loved the little candy crunch hearts on the top. I would have preferred for it to be a little larger as I would with the sandwiches too.

The quality of the ingredients is excellent and I cannot fault the food at all it was all delicious.

From left to right there is ham with mustard mayonnaise which was my favourite, salmon and cucumber and egg mayonnaise. The bread for the egg mayonnaise sandwich was so fluffy and soft. The sandwiches were all the same size and quite small.

 I had a really great time here and what a fab present. I would highly recommend this place as it's beautiful and has excellent quality food.The staff were friendly and it was good to get away and have a proper date.
I did feel full up afterwards and we had enough money left from the vouchers to take away two very large truffles from the counter with us.

Do you like afternoon tea? My mission is to try lots of different ones :)

Love Laura xoxo