Sunday, 16 February 2014

Primark's cute £1 nails

Happy Sunday !

It's sunny here again today and it makes me feel happier. It's my Birthday in two days and I'm so excited. I've just set up my new fish tank so I can choose two fish to go inside it for my Birthday. I have a BiOrb which is amazing and this time I got a Disney Ariel tank because in my head I am still a child!
 So yesterday as it was sunny I photographed quite a few items to blog about and in my nail polish drawer I came across these Primark £1 nails that I had previously bought. I will be going into Primark with my Birthday money soon and will probably pick up some more. I think they are a great bargain at £1 each and I love the cute designs. I've just remembered that I also have some strawberry ones which I adore but I couldn't find them to photograph yesterday.

I bought all of the nails on separate trips and every time I go in they have different designs.
Here are the designs that I have picked up so far. I think these look fab and are quick and easy to apply to finish off an outfit. The glue makes my nails a little dry though and they need moisturising afterwards. You get different sizes of nails and they can be reused as long as one doesn't ping off and shoot down a drain or something! They last a few hours before one pings off of me. I don't know what it is with my nails but nail polish doesn't last either it always chips after a few hours.

I'm sure I have more than four packets of these nails. This tells me that I need to organise my nails drawer!

These are my absolute favourites. So much so that I have two of these. I adore cupcakes and love the little jewels on them!

I can't really remember buying these ones. I think I thought Oh they're lovely they have glitter on them and into the basket they went!

These are unique and that's why I bought them! A French manicure with a mustache on them!

These are my latest nails that I picked up on my last haul after Christmas. I have a lot of navy blue dresses and these will go perfectly with them. I liked the polka dots mixed with the cats faces!

If I find my strawberry ones or any others I will Instagram them. You can find my Instagram here :)

Have you got any of these nails from Primark before? I noticed that they had cotton candy perfume and gorgeous bottles of nail polish that looked like diamonds. I need some of those next time!

Love Laura xoxo

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