Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Aphrodite Mood Ring from Cheap Frills

Hello everyone!

Today I'm excited to show you one of my Birthday presents that I received yesterday. I first saw it on my Instagram as I follow Cheap Frills and Georgia has some gorgeous pieces of jewellery. I really wanted the Aurora ring too as it's pink and reminds me of Princesses.

All my life I have loved items such as this. I had two large mood rings when I was younger and I'm sure I still have them somewhere tucked away in a drawer. I love items that change colour and anything magical as I'm just drawn to them.

As soon as I saw the Aphrodite mood ring on @cheapfrills on my Instagram news feed I knew that I had to have this piece of jewellery in my life. You can buy it here for £15 + P+P
It arrived in time for my Birthday and I haven't taken it off since I got it. I keep on looking down at my hand to see what colour it may have changed to!
I love the design of it so much and haven't seen another one like it. It's really vintage looking and fits my finger perfectly as it is adjustable so I just squeezed it together at the bottom. I love the circular shape of it too. So far it has turned orange, orangey pink, blue and green.

It arrived in a pink and white striped paper bag and inside was a cute black box with a special Cheap Frills stamp on it. Inside, the ring was covered with black tissue paper and sat in a little ring holder. Also included was a card which tells you the different colours it can change to and the meanings behind it.

I've never known how mood rings have worked so with my inquisitive mind I did some research and found that the ring is filled with thermotropic liquid crystals. The molecules inside the liquid crystals are incredibly sensitive and start to twist with changes in temperature. This change affects the wavelengths of light that are reflected or absorbed and therefore it changes colour. I find anything like this fascinating even though I don't fully understand it!

This is the cute black ring box that my Aphrodite mood ring arrived in with the unique CF stamp on the front.

I love on the other side of the business card there are the different colour meaning for the mood ring.

When I take Alfie a walk outside this is the colour it changes to at first. I think it's picking up on Alfie's mood as this means excited!

Look at the gorgeous colour. I think it's a perfect sized too when it sits on my finger. I'm having a manicure by OPI at Missoni over the weekend so I've left my nails naked in preparation!

Overall, it's stunning, has perfect packaging and marketing and I'm in love with it!

Do you own a mood ring?

Love Laura xoxo