Thursday, 20 February 2014

Clutch me baby - Top clutch bags

Happy Thursday :)

I have gathered together my favourite clutch bags to show you today. My personal style is a cross between a mermaid, unicorn, My Little Pony and Disney and therefore these bags reflect this!

I was drawn to these bags and just had to have them. I do have a drawer full even though I have sorted lots out and gave them away but these ones are too magical and are staying with me.

This one I saw in H&M at Christmas time and bought three different bags at once. Yeah I couldn't face putting any back so bought all of them. Sometimes this is what happens or is it just me? It has pink iridescent glitter on it and I love it so much!

This one has iridescent crystals on it and my mum bought me this from Primark for Christmas.  I did see this when I went at the end of January and they had it in a beige colour too.

I loved this baby pink clutch as soon as I saw it in store at Bank. It was only £12 and I don't have another one in this colour so I bought it. I really want a handbag in this baby pink patent too in the Paul's Boutique Maisy style but I'm yet to find one.

This one reminds me of Mermaids and I loved it as soon as I saw it. It's from H&M and has two separate compartments inside it. The colours remind me of mermaid scales.

This is a gold holographic one from River Island that I bought in their January sale. I adore holographic so much and anything that has it, I want it.

So there are my top 5 mini bags that add that extra something special to an outfit.

Love Laura xoxo

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