Friday, 31 January 2014

Pink bubbles and glitter bomb NOTD

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A few weeks back whilst picking up a prescription at the local pharmacy my eyes were drawn to their nail polish stand. They had restocked them and had an array of polished for £1 each. I had a really good look whilst waiting and then left without buying any. As I left I couldn't stop thinking about them (what am I like!) so went back. I only had £2 change so I narrowed it down to my two favourites and happily came away with a bright pink shade named 'Pink Bubbles' and I adore rainbow sparkles and holographicness so I bought 'Glitter Bomb.' The make of these is L.A Colors - color craze. Now for a £1 I wasn't expecting anything amazing I just loved the colours and they were great for a mid-week treat.

I've just searched Google for them and the website shows a whole host of pretty colours here. Although my 'Pink Bubbles' is a lot brighter than the shade shown on the website. I really love the look of candy sprinkles.
Pink Bubbles and Glitter Bomb by L.A Colours.
 You can see a little bit of the hologrpahicness here on 'Glitter Bomb.' There were so many pinks to choose from that it was a hard decision and I don't live near the pharmacy anymore as that was my old house before we moved. Maybe they have them in lots of different pharmacies?
One coat of Pink Bubbles
 This polish does look really smooth in the pictures and it reminds me of Barbie pink.

I put two coats of Glitter Bomb over the top of the pink.

Cheap and cheerful, nothing fancy at all but they're only £1. I do like the little chunky bottle with the wide lid but it's the colours that sold them to me.
The logo is printed in white and doesn't really stand out.

A bargainous £1

The small brush helps to apply quite precisely and the formula is quite smooth. The polish chipped easily though and as I applied more coats, it chipped after a day .I would buy more again especially if it was a colour that I really loved the look of and because they are so cheap it's a good pick-me-up.

Have you seen or tried these polishes before? What shade would you choose?

Love Laura xoxo

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