Monday, 13 January 2014

I'm your present- Holographic Unicorn iPhone case

Hello everyone :) 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine consisted of the Breaking Bad box set. We have just started watching it and we're now onto season 2. It's quite harrowing but I want to see what happens next! I also got treated to a yummy Papa John's large pizza in chicken and mushroom mmmmmmmm and last night started watching Disney's Epic but I fell asleep half way through so that will be tonight's viewing!
With my resolutions I've been reading a book that I got sent and I'm halfway through already. (Will write a separate post on it when I've finished.) I love reading and always have but last year I didn't read much at all apart from magazines so I'm getting back into it. 
My other resolution is to make use of my items and so today I've got my pink heart New look jumper on and crystal butterfly necklace on that my friend Lucy bought me last year for my Birthday and my CK perfume on that I received at Christmas. I want to polish my nails though and make use of all my headbands that I have ( My puppy chewed my rose flower crown to pieces last week the little rascal )I also really want to try out new hairstyles with my hair rather than just popping it into a messy bun. I saw a book with tonnes of hairstyles in once but I didn't save the link- any ideas what it's called? ( actually I think it's called something like 1001 hairstyles!!)

So onto today's post. I absolutely adore holographic anything and always have and just this past year I have become more drawn to anything to do with unicorns too so this iPhone case that I found on the Etsy shop 'I'm Your Present' was a dream and I got it before Christmas to put in my Christmas stocking. 
I absolutely love Kelly's shop it's just so me and I would love to get more of her items. It's stocked full of pastels, mermaids, unicorns and Barbie items and to me that combination is the best in the world! Arrr now I've looked at the shop I can see more items I really really want! Will have to wait for my Birthday next month and then get something then :)

I saw a mermaid case and the unicorn one and decided I only needed one as I already have a handful of cases already. The first one that arrived unfortunately had broken :( The unicorn had snapped off the case as the cardboard little box it arrived in had been jabbed with something and there was a hole in the box!! Kelly very kindly sent out a replacement to me which took around a week to arrive.

 Oh I could just stare at the beauty of this case allllllllll day!
 It arrived in a cardboard case, with lid and the foam stuffing to help protect it and Kelly had put in some candy, a cute sticker and a free gift of the cute earrings! How's that for presentation?! Absolutely gorgeous. I want to work in this shop. I would love it!

The unicorn has been cut really carefully with detail and the holographicness makes it sparkle. I love hearts too so the addition of the two at the top finish it off perfectly. I like the lilac shade of the case too as it's a lovely pastelly colour. I'm not one for deep purple shades, I prefer a pinky purple or a really light shade like this one. 

One of my new favourite shops <3

Right I'm off to look at the items in the shop and make a wish list!!!!

Laura xoxo

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