Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January sales Primark haul

Happy Wednesday!

Today I have a Primark haul to show you. I kindly received Christmas money from my fiance's mum and dad and saved it all to spend in Primark. I get so excited about shopping in Primark and when I'm in there I block everything else out and focus on the goods. I'm like a woman on a mission. I used to just pop in my basket whatever I liked and always saw lovely items. I love quantity as I love to wear different outfits and only tend to spend a higher amount of money on dresses for special occasions. With a set budget I now think carefully about what I actually need beforehand. So this time with sorting out lots of trousers, I needed to restock and I also wanted some Barbie items. I saw some Barbie socks on a photo but they didn't have them left in the store although they did have gorgeous Disney ones but I would have rather got a pair of trousers for £3 than socks for £2.50. I didn't buy any jewellery this time as my mum bought me lots for Christmas.

 I went on the Sunday to the huge Edinburgh store and it wasn't actually that busy which was great as it meant that I got to drag my basket around without it getting caught on anyone's legs. I once got on a train and it was rammed pack and as I carried my Primark bag, rucksack and handbag past everyone to find my reserved seat, a random coat hanger had poked itself out of the bag and got caught on a man as I walked past! Whoops!

So here's what I bought and I love all of my items and got lots of bargains!

After throwing away lots of pairs of trousers as they didn't fit me anymore I bought 6 new pairs! These were all a bargainous £3 each apart from the sweetie leggings which were £6. These were the only pair I could find and they're way too big and the wrong size but they are amazing!
From left to right- black, high-waisted disco leggings, sweetie leggings, blue joggers, red joggers, fair isle print leggings and charcoal grey leggings which I'm wearing today.
I needed new jogging bottoms as I gave mine away as I had zumba danced in them too often.
I saw the sweetie leggings the last time I went in but they were an off yellowy coloured style and they still had plenty of those left but these ones are gorgeous colours.
The fair isle print will look great with a block coloured top and the grey charcoal ones are so versatile and will go with a range of tops that I have.

These navy blue patent dolly bow shoes were £3 in the sale and they will go with lots of different items I have. I love the bows on the front and wear so many flat dolly shoes.
I saw the cute cat polka stick on nails more or less as soon as I was in store and thought they were cute and for  £1 they are a bargain.
I love these stick on jewel gems and I wear them on my face by the side of my eyes sometimes when I'm going out and they were also £1
I needed these black socks as you get 5 pairs for £2 and they are perfect for work.
I randomly popped into The Body Shop with £2 left and was about to get a lipbalm but then a moment of sensibleness crossed over me when I realised I have a tonne of lip products so I decided to get a strawberry soap instead and it smells gorgeous!

I'm in love with this Barbie and Ken jumper and I needed it straight away. For some reason I am just drawn to Barbie, Sindy, Unicorn and Disney prints and have to buy them! I saw an Alice in Wonderland T-shirt and Snow White top that I wanted too- maybe next time! The price shows £12 but it scanned at £10. It's the same style as my Bambi jumper with the long black sleeves and plain black on the back.

 These super snug pink slipper boots were in the sale for £2 and such a great buy as I love being snuggly.

A gorgeously printed Barbie festive t-shirt. I needed this and it was in the sale for £3.

I needed this as soon as I saw it. Gorgeous colours and a unicorn print and it was only £8. One of my favourite purchases with the other being the Barbie jumper.

I was then very sensible and saw this on the ground floor level. It was reduced to £7 and is a colour that suits my complexion. I love the tartan inner hood too and the toggles. I saw a onesie that I absolutely loved but put it back as my mum and dad had bought me a cat print one for Christmas and I already have about 6 more so I thought this would be a  better buy.

So there we have my Primark haul and I will be saving my Birthday money and going again next month :)
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Laura xoxo

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