Thursday, 30 January 2014

Newly brunette- New hair colour

Hello everyone,

Finally have my Internet back up and running after moving house! Phew. Moving house is so exhausting but now we have a garden for little Alfie to run around in rather than apartment life. I sorted out so many of my items before we moved. Ten bag of clothes!

So when I moved up from England I hadn't been to the hairdressers for around three months and my roots started to look awful. I did go to the hairdressers up here but the one I went to forgot to book me in and then rushed my hair. It didn't hardly look like I had had it done. I then realised more than ever how great my original hairdresser from England was and so I went back on Christmas Eve. Charlotte had mentioned before that I would suit a reddy brown colour but I ALWAYS wanted to stay blonde. I was born blonde and then as I have got older it has progressively got darker. When my hair looks good I feel good and when it looks rubbish no matter what outfit I have on it makes me feel not as good as I could do.
Anyway I searched for inspiration and at first I was going to have dark reddy brown but also still have bright blonde put in but then I saw Miranda Kerr's hair colour and thought she looked great so I took the plunge and went for that!

I thought this would be a lot less maintenance and also my hair had started to become really dry and in quite bad condition. As it's naturally curly my hair already lacks moisture and since I've had it dark I noticed a huge difference in the condition of it already. My hair is lot softer and all I put on it is hair oil at the moment after washing. It was a big change but I do really like it. I felt like I had to wear more make up at first as I thought I looked a bit washed out but the colour suits my skin tone. Whether I stay with my dark hair colour remains to be seen but at this moment in time I have no plans to go lighter .

I love love love blonde hair but it needs maintaining so much. I think the colouring suits me but I just wasn't pleased with the regrowth although here it doesn't look AS bad as I thought it was. It felt like it was black at the roots because of how blonde it was. You can also see the pink at the tips where I dip dyed it but it stained and lasted way longer than it was supposed to!

This was when I had just had it done at the hairdressers and you can see the reddy brown in it here. It looks great condition already and it had been Cloud 9'd. I've actually got three colours in my hair. A dark brown mixed with a reddy brown and some lighter highlights at the front. I noticed the shine straight away.

                This was a week later on New Year's Eve and it looks really dark here.

 A Christmas day photograph here with freshly washed hair and naturally drying.

Here is the first ever attempt of straightening my own hair using my Cloud 9's ! The ends felt a bit dry so I gave them a trim.

This was me just about to leave the salon :)

Love Laura xoxo

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