Thursday, 16 January 2014

Helen Rochfort 50th Anniversary Sindy handbag

Hi everyone!

For Christmas, one of my main presents off my fiance was my Helen Rochfort handbag. I already own the cupcake bag and I absolutely love it. They are incredibly unique and caught my eye from the moment I saw them.
I love the design so much how they have the metal handle to hold. I feel like a princess holding mine. I blogged about my Eat me , Drink me bag previously which you can read about here.

Now I love Sindy and always have. I love the retroness and would happily wear clothing, shoes, jewellery and adorn my house in Sindy pieces if I could find them. Helen has a collection of Sindy bags to purchase but when I browsed and saw the 50th anniversary bag I knew that this was the one. I almost bought the clutch bag but changed my mind to a handbag instead.
To me this handbag is just perfect for my personality. I need to show it off with a princess dress, jewels and some Irregular Choice shoes (which I don't yet own.) I adore quirky items and always have. I'm not really drawn to classic items at all and prefer holographic, glitter, sequins, unicorns, mermaids, neons and pastels.

So here's the beauty of the hand bag.

This is the pink stripy bag that the handbags arrive in. I couldn't show you this last time as I had lost mine in my house moves. I love the design.

Now I wish I actually had a dress on today but I pulled on my new jumper and jeans for comfort and also because it's quite cold outside!

I love the design so much and the choice of colours. My favourite being pink.

Here's a close-up of the Sindy design .

Inside the bag you receive an extra strap so that you can attach it to the sides of the bag and wear it over your shoulder instead of holding it.

Inside the bag you can see my certificate of authentication, two compartments and a zip part in the centre.

 I love the finishing touches such as the ribbon tied to a bow to compliment and the Helen Rochfort logo charm at the side.

I love the clear jewel at the top of the bag too.

Love Laura xoxo

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