Thursday, 9 January 2014

Flavourly gourmet food unboxing and review

I received this Flavourly box as a Christmas gift from my fiance's sister and her boyfriend and as soon as I opened it I absolutely loved it. It's like receiving beauty boxes but this takes it to a whole new level. Food in a box every month! I absolutely love food!
 Flavourly is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time and costs £15 per month.
Inside the box is a leaflet outlining all of the different products, a little introduction, contact details for the different companies and the location of the brands. What makes this company even more awesome is that they are located in Edinburgh and so am I !

The box is recyclable and is absolutely jam packed full of foodie goodness. I had not heard of Flavourly before receiving this box and therefore makes it a brilliant surprise. The products are of exceptional quality and I have tasted around half of the contents now and am seriously impressed. When things look this good I tend to want to keep them just to look at but one of my new years resolutions is to use things as it's not good if they look pretty and they are past their sell by date. You need to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now.

Here's what I received in my Flavourly box..............

 An exceptionally clear large logo that incorporates the web address. I love the alliteration used too in 'Delivering deliciousness.'

I like the brown paper and box as this suits the brand extremely well. To me when I think of gourmet goods I also think about the best quality produce and being kind to the environment. The little logo sticker holds the paper wrapping inside the box in place and adds a finishing touch.

As soon as I opened my box this is the view of the goodies that I saw inside and thought it was amazingly awesome!
In the photo below you can see all of the contents that I received inside my box and there's so many different products.
This box gives you the chance to discover brands that you may not have heard of before which is a brilliant idea.

Clearly scrumptious- simply apples- These were the best dried apples I have ever tasted in my life. They were in wedges and I absolutely loved the texture when you bit into them. The bag was generously packed for a healthy portion. I would definitely buy these again. They are available in other fruits too such as cherries, cranberries or golden berries.

PortleBay Popcorn Co- Crispy Bacon & Maple syrup Popcorn. Now at first when I think of popcorn I think of cinemas and I always choose sweet popcorn. I have tried other flavours of popcorn before and although they are unique I wouldn't necessarily buy them again. When I saw bacon and maple syrup flavour my first impressions were that I wasn't sure if I would like them. I popped open the packet and oh my goodness. Best flavour in the world I'm sure. Once I started the flavours just create a foodie explosion and they were absolutely delicious. Would highly recommend these too and would repurchase.

Oloves- hot chilli olives. I've not sampled these yet but I am pleased they were contained in the box. I didn't use to like olives until I went to Turkey and they came on a delicious breakfast platter. I like how they are ready to eat and that they have the chilli flavour to give them a kick.

My Olive Branch- Sun dried tomatoes- this looks delicious but not one at first that I knew what to do with. They say it's great for dipping, marinating or using as a condiment at BBQ'S. This has inspired me and reminds me of Mediterranean holidays. I want to dip some hot crusty bread into it.

Stoats 100% Natural Porridge Oat bar- These are handmade in Edinburgh and I shared this with my other half yesterday and it was delicious. I would buy these and eat them as a breakfast snack or at night with a nice cup of tea. They use premium scottish oats and are packed with pumpkins and sunflower seeds and real fruit.

Kintaro- BBQ pumpkin seeds. Two words - delicious and moreish.

Kents Kitchen- Thai red curry meal kit- Look how cute these little pots are with the ingredients. I've never made thai curry before and now I have the flavours I look forward to creating it.

Love Righteous- Ginger & Toasted Sesame 100% Natural salad dressing. This company believe in making their products the best they can be without any preservatives , extenders or artificial ingredients. They also have little or no saturated or trans fat. This will be delicious to use on a salad and I can't wait to try it out.

Eat 17- Bacon Jam- At first when you think of jam you think of sweetness and not bacon so it seems a little surreal. However when reading about it you learn that Eat 17 make hamburgers in their restaurant and use this smokey bacon and onion jam. This now makes a lot more sense and I can't wait to try it on a burger. This would be great at any time of the year but especially at BBQ'S  to make burgers even more delicious.

Jaz and Jules- organic hot chocolate- The little bag of ingredients inside the box is super cute tied up. I can't wait to try this as I love hot chocolate. Jaz and Jules use real chocolate, spices and fruit oils to create their variety of natural flavours.

Teapigs- Everyday brew- The tea bag inside is so posh- I love the material bag used and this company use tea leaves not dust. I made this cup of tea last night and it was great quality- would repurchase again!

Overall- this box gets me excited and comes incredibly highly recommended by me. I love the uniqueness, the amazing quality and the amount of produce and variety that you receive. I want more of these boxes.

Laura xoxo