Monday, 6 January 2014

A dash of sequins on NYE from Bank

Hope everyone has had a fantastic start to the New Year :)

The alarm went off this morning after the Christmas break and I thought it was still Sunday and that it had gone off by accident!
My new years resolutions are;
<3 To drink more water 
<3 To wear a different make-up item, piece of jewellery and clothing each day as I have so much that I need to get wear out of it all.
<3 To read at least one book per month. I absolutely love reading books mostly autobiographies, children's / teenager books, recipe books, humorous ones, fairytale-esque book and basically anything that I find interesting.
<3 To accomplish as many tasks as I can on a day off so that everything is organised and sorted.

I think that is all of them for now that I can think of!

So onto my outfit for New years Eve. The *Ribbon Sequin Top Maxi dress from Bank was originally £55 when I blogged about it and then dropped to an amazing £15 in the sale. Unfortunately it has now sold out when I have just checked but they do have other stunning options available. This Ribbon from Bank dress that I chose to wear is from one of my favourite ever shops and I blogged about it showing the accessories here. This dress made me feel glam and really dressed up and was absolutely perfect for New Years Eve.

The sequins are a really gorgeous shade of purple which complimented the black of the maxi length incredibly well. The top part was comfy to wear as with other sequin dresses they tend to rub on your inner arms and it starts to really hurt and you can't wait to get it off at the end of the night but with this one it's perfect. The black chiffon material on the skirt part is great quality and is quite long but perfect if you wear heels like I did with it. It has a short black skirt underneath to keep your modesty covered up (even after drinking mojitos like I did!) and the rest is quite sheer. 

Overall I absolutely love this dress and always shop at Bank when I know I have a special occasion coming up.

My new favourite dress <3 with the first Mojito of the night in my hand! The dress has cut out sides which you can see on the above photo.

 The dress features an open sheer back which in hindsight maybe I should have worn a stick on bra. Ah well at least it was purple and matched the sequins!

 New hair colour <3 
Hairband- Primark
Necklace- Primark
Make-Up - Benefit
You can see the purple of the sequins clearer on this photo.

Hope you all had a great NYE ,

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item kindly gifted by Bank :)