Friday, 3 January 2014

Clothes Show presents haul

I absolutely love going to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and usually go with my mum for a Christmas treat. We decided not to go this year and I really missed it. One of my mum's colleagues said that she would pick us some goody bags up which is an amazingly kind and selfless thing to do and I can't thank her enough.
My favourites are the pink zone which houses all of the make up and the fashion show which has amazing routines and is uplifting. I usually go crazy buying all of the goody bags going.

I really wanted the Models Own limited edition turquoise glitter polish in 'Showstopper' and got two of these. This polish looks amazing on too.

Here's what my mum bought me for my presents.

 I was lucky to get four make up goody bags; 2x Models Own, Jelly Pong Pong and Barry M.

Here's the contents of my Jelly Pong Pong bag. The stand at the clothes show always look absolutely gorgeous with glitter and butterflies and they show you the contents clearly in a glass case. Their make up is usually expensive so I love these goody bags as you receive a selection of their make up. They have changed the gift bag that they are contained in too this year and I prefer it as it's prettier.

 Here's my Barry M goody bag. Each year they change the container that the make up is in and it's usually a make up bag. 
 These are all the goodies that are contained inside and they each vary slightly as my mum got one too and she has a few different polishes.

These are the contents of the Models Own goody bag. I usually just choose the polishes for my bag but my mum's friend chose me a cola lip gloss and a bronzer too. I have lots of Models Own polishes and they are always bringing out new collections. I was over the moon to she had picked up a splash landing polish for me too and I also didn't have the pink glitter one either. My favourite polishes are glitter as I just add another coat when they start to chip, they look more effective and they are longer lasting on me too.

As well as choosing polishes you also get a bag of goodies too which includes a lip gloss, eyeliners, nail buffer, limited edition polish and eyeshadow applicators.

I can't wait to try out all of these items and as you can see I love glittery make up!

Laura xoxo

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