Monday, 30 December 2013

Vinyl Record Coasters

We received these as a joint secret santa gift for Christmas and I absolutely love them. Before I moved I was looking at decorations and saw these vinyl records as place mats and I really wanted them but had bought too much already. Usually I'm really spontaneous and just buy things anyways but I think I had just bought a pink soda stream and thought I'd better not spend anything else!

So when we opened this gift up I loved them straight away. I love diner style kitchens and these will go perfectly with our retro diner canvases and jukebox. I even bought a cd with 50's music on it to embrace the whole atmosphere. I love the whole ice cream parlour look with pastel colours so these were a perfect pressie. After a little Google search I found them for £12 at John Lewis' here.

 I'd not seen the bowls or the bookends before!

 I love how the packaging opens up like a little record player!

 6 vinyl coasters were included in the pack :) They are sturdy and look like they will  be long lasting.

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year,

Love Laura xoxo

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