Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Betrousse Fairy beauty box unboxing and review

Betrousse Fairy beauty box review.

I love beauty boxes so much. It's like receiving a Birthday gift, especially when  it arrives in a box with pretty pink tissue paper like this *Fairy beauty box I was sent from Betrousse which costs £10. I love surprises but with these boxes from Betrousse I also love how you can see the contents and then buy the one which you like the look of the most. It's so exciting to receive beauty products so that you can try new things out and discover treasures.

The Betrousse beauty boxes contain all full sized items which is brilliant in comparison with some other beauty boxes available as you don't receive little samples. There are different boxes to choose from each month so if you like the look of any of these boxes check them out before they bring out the next selection.

I love the name of the box 'Fairy' and my perception of this is glitter, sequins, daintiness and a free-spirit however the products in the box are to help pamper you in time for Christmas and so it's just a pretty name for the box.

Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box
Packaged in a large enough box to house the full-sized products. They are covered in pink tissue paper and protected with polystyrene pieces to cushion them in transit.
(Headband my own)

 Here are all of the products I received in the Fairy beauty box. My box contained 6 full sized items. There are 7 different possibilities on the little card that you receive with the box.

All of the items from the Fairy beauty box by Betrousse ( Minus the tattoos that were hiding!)

Skinetica- Anti- Blemish 100ml £9.99 
I'm pleased that this was in the box as I already own a couple of these but they are in sample sized so it's great that I now have a full sized bottle. This product has a lot of positives and I need it to clear up some blemishes that I keep on getting.

 Saffron London- Cracking Nail Polish 14ml £0.75
Crackle effect polishes first made their debut a few years back and were extremely popular. 
Unfortunately my polish was completely dried up as you can see in the photograph so I'm just going to throw this away. I'm not too fussed though as they are other gems in the box and this only costs £0.75 anyway.

 Laboratoire LDA-SOINS Experts- Hydra cream expert 50ml £34.
This cream fights agains dehydrated skin and wrinkles. It has a high regenerating and anti-oxidant action. 
This is a French skin care cream which I know is very popular. The container looks expensive and the cream has a subtle clean scent. An absolute bargain for the £10 you pay for the box to receive this full-sized item.

 Forte Pharma UK - TurboSlim ChronoActiv- 28 tablets £29.95 
These are said to offer an effective slimming solution that work with the natural biorhythm of your body. The box contains day tablets and night tablets.
The day tablets help burn calories using ingredients of a natural origin these being green tea and green coffee.
The night tablet limits fat storage during the night whilst firming skin tissue.
Now I've never used tablets of this kind before and I'm not sure if I dare to try them. I will just continue to power walk my dog instead I think. However if this is something you're interested in then it makes the box a bargain already as you are only paying £10 for the box.

 Montagne Jeunesse- Glacial clay spa £1.49
I've used these masks before as I had a selection pack full of them that I bought from The Clothes Show Live. I've not used this particular one though. It contains crushed arctic cloudberries which sound fabulous but I've never heard of those. This is a clay infused fabric one that you pop over your face and relax for 10-15 minutes. I love these masks. They are great for a girly pamper party so I'm pleased that this was contained in the box.

These tattoos by Tattyoo have been created especially for Betrousse. You get two Tattyoo per set and these cost £5. I love the pouty lips and the stars and they are a bit of fun if you wanted to wear one for a party.

So overall the cost of all these items adds upto a whopping £81.18 and without the crackled nail polish would be £80.43 . Which, if you like the items makes it an absolute bargain.
My favourites in the box are the skin cream, face mask and Skinetica. 
What do you like the look of ?

Laura xoxo