Monday, 9 December 2013

Betrousse beauty 'Trendy beauty' unboxing and review.

This '*Trendy Beauty' box is the first box that Betrousse, the beauty company with a French twist, brought out. Once again with these boxes, the products are all full sized.
The box costs £10 and you can purchase it here.

Here is what I received in the 'Trendy Beauty box.'

Trendy Beauty box by Betrousse.
The beauty products arrived in  the branded Betrousse beauty box with the pink tissue paper to add the finishing touches. Again, the full sized products were very well protected and arrived quickly and securely.

The four full-sized products I received in the beauty box.

 Sentara - Bio-relaxing intense blam- eye & lip contour 15ml £39
This balm leaves the skina round your eyes nourished and your lips hydrated well.
"All the components of Sentara beauty care are selected from noble plants to produce the purest and richest extracts. They are highly concentrated and coupled with biotechnology in order to reach outstanding bio-performance. Sentara beauty care products have been tested by dermatologists and their results are scientifically demonstrated.
Sentara beauty care products are designed to be pretty and environmentally friendly: recyclable packaging, recycled paper labels decorated with plant inks."

This product is expensive and so to receive this in the box is a bargain for the £10 + £5 p&p that you pay for the box.

 I received these in the 'Fairy Beauty box' by Betrousse too. These Laboratoires Forte Pharma- Turboslim Chronoactiv retail for £29.95. I've never used diet pills before and I'm not going to use these ones either. I believe in exercising and eating a balanced diet and would prefer a make-up item in the box. However if you are interested in this product then again it works out as an absolute bargain.

 Bys Cosmetics- Lipstick in chocolate sparkle- retails at £2.99. This lipstick is super pigmented and incredibly soft. So much so that it kind of melts on application. It's the softest lipstick that I have ever used and has quite good lasting power.
 Here you can see the shine and the gloss from the lipstick. I would love this in a pink/ coral shade as this is more my style.

Voulez-Vous - Warming body oil 10ml £3
This is a warming oil for a sensual massage. It is rich in natural ingredients. This has no preservatives, a natural odour and does not stain.

Another bargain box from Betrousse. There are two expensive products mixed in with two affordable pieces. If you like the look of these then it makes the box an absolute bargain to be had, especially for full sized products.

Laura xoxo