Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Laduree Macarons unboxing and review

Hello :)

I've not actually been to Paris before so these little beauties were brought back as a present from my boyfriend's sister. How lovely is that <3 Thankyou Vicki!

I adore Macarons and I think these are the ultimate ones. If I was to actually go into Laduree myself I think I would just stare at the counters for the longest time and not be able to choose what I wanted. I used to be the same in toy shops when I was little! I'm one of those people who stand back a little to decide first so that I don't order in haste and then see something better two minutes later. The first time I ever ordered at Subway that was an ordeal. How was I meant to know what bread I wanted? I do now it's honey oat! Salad? Sauce? Toasted? Cheese? Woah woah woah just a sandwich please. I've now got it down to a fine art though after practice.

Laduree bag that the delightful macarons came in.
 Just look at the beauty of this posh bag! That's a keeper right there. What a gorgeous colour and it goes perfectly with the gold.

 The macarons came inside this luxurious black box with gold embossing on it. I'm going to re-use this box for jewellery I think. The little leaflet tells you some of the different flavours of the macarons available inside Laduree.

Love the gold embossing on this but because I photographed it before the sun came up it's not really focused properly because of the light reflections. Oh well the pictures of the macarons are pretty anyway :)

Laduree black macaron box.

We got four different flavours to try. Macarons are so pretty and delicious. I want to try and make some of my own actually. I think it may be quite hard to do.

Delicious just look at them!
From left to right the flavours are; Praline (for the other half) L'Incroyable Guimauve Fraise Bonbon (Strawberry Candy!) Caramel Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel x2) et Chocolat x 2

The first one I tried was the Strawberry Candy. It was crunchy, with a sweet flavour and a little filling. Yummy.
The salted caramel was a little softer with more filling and was delicious.
The last one I tried was the chocolate and this was my favourite. It was super chocolatey with lots of filling.

If I ever went to Paris the Laduree is a place where I would definitely search for and purchase these delights.
I would love to try the Rose, Milk chocolate passion fruit coconut, raspberry, blackcurrant and violet and chocolate & coconut.
Have you ever tried these before or been into Laduree?

Laura xoxo