Monday, 16 December 2013

Birchbox December - Christmas unboxing

Woo hoo my Christmas Birchbox arrived on Friday and I'm about to show you the contents!

First up let's talk about the box! It;s got a geometric Christmas tree zig zag effect which makes me feel all Christmassy and I'm going to keep this box. (I keep nearly all the plain ones too but this is definitely a keeper!)

December geometric design Birchbox

 The contents were in the drawstring bag and as you open it all the goodies are inside.

The box came with a $20 promotional card for use with the launch of the Baublebar jewellery launching in the UK.
The card says a Christmas message and introduction to the box and on the reverse the products and prices are clearly shown.

 A close-up of my Birchbox products I received this month.

 Sin-Care Party girl serum ould cost £46.50 for the full sized product. This is to brighten up your skin after partying. I've never seen this brand and I like the retro packaging and the tube that the product is contained in.

Aromatherapy Associates - Revive morning bath & shower oil - would be £39 full sized. Now whilst I love oils this would be too expensive for me to think about repurchasing. I would rather get lots than one quality item. This has grapefruit, rosemary and juniper inside and I bet that a little goes a long way.

 Alima Pure- Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow- £12.50
This is an all-natural eyeshadow and I love the look of the colour. I've not heard of the brand before.

 Twistband- You can get a pack of 6 for £10 . This will come in handy if I wear my hair in a bun. The colour I received will go with my navy outfits. I'm more of a pastel girl but I like the actual product.

 Here we have my absolute favourite item in the box that makes it all worthwhile. The Nail Rock- Nail Glitter £6.99. Love the colour <3 The other one that was available was the nail velvet so some people may have received that. I love glitter so I'm really happy and I have a colour I love here.

Finally I received the Number 4 Non- Aerosol hairspray which would cost £18.50 to buy it at full size. I've not heard of Number 4 before and I hope it's amazing as it is expensive. This will be great to hold party hairstyles over the Christmas period.

So overall this month I'm happy with what I received and I think that is because of the Nail Rock which is glittery and fun! I think this would make a lovely little stocking filler or an excellent Secret Santa pressie for a beauty lover .

Laura xoxo

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