Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What I won from the London Perfume Co and FD Avenue

Hello everyone,

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas now :) I'm so excited but it's also tinged with sadness as my grandad has just passed away. Christmas to me is family time and I can't wait to spend quality time with the people that I love. I will be going back 'home' for Christmas so will be taking a little break from writing. I may write another couple of posts before I leave but if not I wish you a very Merry Christmas or happy holidays :)

So todays post is all about a competition that I saw on The London Perfume company website, entered and won. You can see my post here. My favourite colours are pastels and this is reflected in the wishlist choices that I made. I started out by choosing a perfume and chose Katy Perry Meow £13 as I absolutely loved the pink cat bottle with the diamante eyes. I thought this would compliment the clothes that I chose from FD Avenue.
I was over the moon to have won and received the bottle of perfume which smells absolutely gorgeous and also £75 to spend at FD Avenue. I really wanted the blue dress shown on my wishlist but when I went on the website it had sold out of my size and so had the pink. The two jumpers were available but as I searched through the whole website I found pretty dresses and managed to buy 5 for just over the £75 credit. I had to put 95p towards the total.

The perfume arrived so quickly last week and I'm delighted with it. My dresses arrived on Monday and here's what I chose.

My five pretty dresses :) All the same style! I chose the skater style as this suits my figure the most.

This is my favourite. As soon as I saw this sequin chiffon dress I knew I was getting it straight away! This was the most expensive item I chose at £29.99. I love the multi coloured sequins and the white skirt part. Think I will wear this out on Christmas Eve. 

 Love love love the sequins <3

 I adore mint and added it to my basket straight away. I decided to choose one party dress and four day dresses as I will get more wear out of them. The lemon one I added right at the last minute and swapped a leopard print dress for it. I don't have many yellow items really and I knew I would like the style so that was my decision made. These dresses are only £9.99 each and come in s/m or m/l . I chose m/l. I don't like the belts on these as they are rather cheap looking so I will take them off and swap them for others that I have.

 This Leopard bow skater dress is my favourite day dress that I chose. The material is thick and the leopard bow sets the blue off really nicely. It's gorgeous and another one I'm going to be wearing over Christmas. This one is £12.99.

I liked this dress as soon as I saw it as it's really me but I nearly didn't end up getting it. I chose it in cerise and they had a coral too. I love the little bow and the cats face with the whiskers it's cute. This was £12.99 from here.

Here is my Meow perfume that I chose.

I adore the bottle so much it's so pretty.

 Thankyou to both companies for hosting the competition and for choosing me as the winner <3
I love my items so much and will b wearing them all very soon.

Laura xoxo

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