Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Betrousse Glitz & Glamour beauty box review and unboxing

Betrousse Glitz & Glamour beauty box.

Betrousse is a French beauty box company that sells themed beauty boxes that you can choose from, that are now available in the UK. There are five different ones available on the website this month which offer a range of beauty products.You can see the items that are going to be contained inside so that you can choose your favourite. You get full sized items rather than samples so this works out as fantastic value for money. With Christmas being near I think that these would make an ideal stocking filler or present for a beauty lover that you know. A lot of the items are quite hard to source in the UK as some of them are French so that's where this beauty box bridges the gap.

The kind people at Betrousse gifted me four different boxes and the first one that I am going to show you is the *Glitz & Glamour box. This box can be bought for £10 here. Inside I received four items to help beat the winter chill whilst retaining your 'Glitz & Glamour'

The beauty items arrive in quite a large box that is reminiscent of a small shoe box with thin card.  The box does have to be sizeable as you receive full sized items and so therefore the container they are housed in needs to be large enough. They have pretty pink tissue paper and a logo sticker. Little foam pieces inside help to protect the beauty items. You could possibly re-use the box but I don't think it's been intended to do so as it is not sturdy enough. The goodies inside are what counts with this box.
(Beaded crown- Rayofglitter's own!)

 Inside you receive a price list with the products. On the back of the card there is a note which introduces you to the box and lets you know what to do with each product to make you feel better in this winter weather. There are five items listed but in this box you receive four of the listed items. These are all of the items still in the packaging.

 Here you can see the cleanser and the lip gloss out of their packaging.

 The Benta Berry facial cleaner retails for £14
Make believe beauty shimmer lip gloss for 15ml is £10
Fair Naturally- Mango & Safflower body moisturiser for 200ml is £3.99
Jason normalising shampoo 255ml is £7.29
All of my items here total £35.28 which if you like the products is a great bargain for the £10 that the box costs.
(I didn't receive the oil which is shown on the leaflet to the left of the photograph.)

 I love the brand name of this lip gloss 'Make Believe' It reminds me of fairy tales and the gold in the packaging looks expensive. This is a lip moisturiser and gloss with a hint of shimmer. This applies smoothly onto the lips and has a pleasant grapefruity scent. It is sticky to touch but not when you rub your lips together. It is named 'enhance' because it is meant to enhance your tan which will be great for taking on holiday or in the summer months.
 Paris Benta Berry G-1 exfoliating Facial Cleanser . This is said to make your skin soft, clean and your complexion mattified. This has a gorgeously fruity scent and contains ground apricot seeds. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.
 Another fruity item ( My favourite as well as chocolate scents) that comes in the shape of this Fair Naturally - Mango & Safflower body moisturiser. I love body moisturisers so this will come in very handy. I use them all year round but particularly in Winter time is when I need it the most. This is a fairtrade product which is brilliant and is meant to deeply nourish and moisturise so I can't wait to try this after my showers.
I'm excited to try out this Jason shampoo as it is gentle and doesn't dry out hair which is what my hair needs. I need an injection of moisture for my hair. This shampoo cleanses hair and balances the PH level of the scalp using rosewater and chamomile.

Overall I do like this beauty box and I am happy with every single item contained inside. I've not tried any of the brands before so this is great to try something new.
At £10 I think it is a great price for these full sized items.

Have you tried these products before?

Laura xoxo