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Floral, Monochrome and Oriental Batiste - Dry shampoo review

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Today I have new editions to show you from the Batiste brand. These being the *Floral, *Monochrome and *Oriental versions. On their website I love how they have the woman's hair blowing and moving from the freshness of Batiste. Check it out here. I'm also a fan of their Facebook page which has a massive 122k fans here.

When I think of dry shampoo I automatically think Batiste. It encompasses freshness, fun and freedom.
I tend to wash my hair every other day as with my wavy hair, If I wash it too much I find that it goes too fluffy. That's where Batiste dry shampoo lends its role. In two weeks time I am having my hair coloured beautifully by my lovely hairdresser Charlotte who is back in England where I lived. I am under no illusion that my hair at the roots is an eyesore right now but that should soon be sorted out!  So with my hair I tend to find that the roots need some freshness sprayed onto them whilst the ends can be quite dry.

Batiste provides the freshness almost instantly after a quick spray at arms length and a quick scrunch of my curls I am good to go after accessorising with the perfect accessory to tame my mane.
The first time I came across Batiste I had seen the advertising and was drawn to the fun packaging that looks great out on display. The first one I bought was the Tropical version and that still today is my absolute favourite. Coconutty goodness and memories of holidays is what it portrays to me.

As my hair is blonde I find that the spray , because it sprays white, helps to blend my roots which is an added bonus and the array of different scents available make your hair smell fresh, clean and good to go.

Batiste dry shampoo L-R Oriental, Floral and Monochrome 
 Hairbands left- Choochie Choo and Mermaid - Inkie Pocious

 The design on the cans are beautiful, eye-catching and would suit a range of personalities.
These sprays are 200ml and cost £2.99

 On the reverse of the cans there are easy to follow diagrams to help you use the product correctly.
I usually lift sections of my hair, spray around 30cm away and then scrunch into my hair. I find that it adds volume and texture too.
This is how Batiste recommend you to use the product;
"How to use: Shake the can vigorously, then, keeping the nozzle about 30cm from your hair, spray into roots, lifting sections for maximum coverage. Massage through with fingertips and then brush and style."

 Batiste Oriental £2.99 for 200ml which I think is a great price as a can this size lasts me quite a long time so you are getting not only great quality but good value for money too.
The can design is gorgeous and intricate and really shows an oriental vibe.
This has fruity top notes which include Apple, Wild Berry and Grape, floral middle notes of Jasmine, and Iris and a base of rich Coconut, Sandalwood and Cedar. Lots of scents have been combined to create the fragrance trend of light floriental. 
Oriental is available at a wide range of stockists and you can find it online at Boots .

Monochrome 200ml for £2.99 Exclusive to Boots.
With a retro 60’s vibe, the bold geometric monochrome look is inspired by Moroccan prints and is in perfect sync with fashion’s two-tone palette this season. 
The bold design is reflected in the spicy and dynamic fragrance with top notes of Orange Blossom and Pepper, a heart of Hyacinth, Iris, Lilac, Wisteria and Heliotropine with a warm base of Musk. "
This is the one I actually used in the picture and although I prefer fruity, chocolatey, coconutty scents I was pleasantly surprised with this one. When I look at this can it reminds me of Twiggy with the print of one of her dresses.

 Batiste Floral 200ml usual price £2.99 and exclusive to Superdrug on offer for £1.48 at the moment.
Look how pretty the design is! This has top notes of Blossom, a heart of  fruity Melon, Orange & Peach and a deep floral base of Rose, Muguet and Violet. What a gorgeous combination of scents that makes your hair smell fresh and ready to accomplish the day. This one reminds me of festivals and picnics.

 Here I have bed-head and no make-up although I have my dress on ready to go! I was at a Christmas party the day before and then had a house-warming on the Sunday so I used Batiste Monchrome after I had showered and dressed for speed and the results are in the final picture.

 Here I have the sparkly accessory ready but changed my mind to a different one as this one didn't sit right on my hair.

 Here I simply tipped my head upside down and you can see where the Batiste has sprayed on which is great to help hide my roots! I then used my fingers to scrunch an blend the Batiste in.

I popped the Bow hairband on to tame the mane, popped some make-up on, a little *Argan oil on by DGJ organics et voila!

Overall, I would highly recommend Batiste. It works, has a variety of scents, smells incredibly fresh and is fantastic to freshen up hair.

Laura xoxo
*PR samples kindly sent out to me to try, review and share my honest opinion.

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