Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What I bought in the River Island and Topshop sales

Hello everyone,

Today I am wearing my new sweetie leggings which make me happy and so far on my resolutions list this one is going well!
Today I'm going to show you what I bought with some of my Christmas money that I bought online at Topshop and River Island. Both orders were placed on the same day and the Topshop one came way before River Island's one. I didn't order any clothes this time just accessories and I'm incredibly happy with what I chose.
 I just had a huge clearout of items ready for the new year and also because I had wayyyyyy too many items. I always give to my family first and they keep what they like and distribute to others/ charity :) I do feel a lot more clear- headed after doing it as sometimes it's the thought of a huge job that puts you off. Once I got started it was easy. The day after I spent £50 Christmas money in Primark to stock up on items that I needed (mainly trousers) and got some absolutely amazing things! I've photographed my items already so will show you in another post. I absolutely adore Primark so much as I always find lots of gorgeous items. I happily spent two hours in there.
Right anyway, back to the little haul. I chose pretty items and as they were in the sale I got a lot for my money. I love getting sales items as it gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Tiny Topshop haul

Here's what I bought from Topshop. I did order a lime green lace cat ears headband but they had no stock left and it didn't turn up with my order.

 I got the purple birdie lipbalm for £1 as I thought it would look cute on my dressing table. They had a couple of other colours too but I was drawn to purple this time.

 The Halo nail foils were £1 and I've not tried foils before and also I loooove holographic things so much so this was a winner!

 I seem to be addicted to anything to do with nail art and when I saw the Nail Rockits with the jewels and bows I needed to get it! This was £5. Also this has a velvet effect and I've not used that before on my nails so I can't wait to try the kit out.

River Island sale haul
 Here's all the items that I bought in the River Island sale. These took twelve days to arrive from the day I ordered them which is realllllllly long! They must have had a massive amount of back orders.

I've seen quite a few series of Made in Chelsea and seen the Candy Kittens stand in Selfridges which looks lush so when I saw this book I bought it for £6. It has recipes inside for sweeties and looks fantastic. So pleased with this.

I also spotted the Teen Vogue book and wanted this too. I love fashion and beauty and this will make for an interesting read. I bought it for £5.

 I love the four pack of gem rings. They are beautiful colours and I really like the round design of them. They were reduced to £4. 
I've not tried Barry M confetti polishes before and this is one of my favourite colours. I got it for £2.
The little Skinny Dip fluffy pom pom charm is super cute and was £2. The diamante adds a lovely touch to it too.
Look at the beauty of the holographic purse. This was £7 in the sale. I am mesmerised by holographicness and could stare at it all day!

You can see the colours of the rings clearer on this photograph. They remind me of She-ra Princess of Power from when I was younger and that's probably why I love them so much. I bought Medium sized as even though I have tiny fingers I once bought small and it was way too tiny for my fingers.

My Skinny Dip phone case was £7. It's neon, has pink on it and jewels and therefore in my eyes this makes it amazing!

What did you buy in the sales?

Love Laura xoxo

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