Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Etude House- Sweet recipe- cotton wool cup

Today I am devoting an entire post to this beauty of an item!

I absolutely cute, quirky items and adorable packaging so when I saw the beauty of Etude House I knew that it was going to spark off an ignition of wants.

For Christmas I received in my stocking off my mum and dad a few make-up items too from Etude house which I was going to show collectively, but I will have to wait til I unpack them again.

First of all it's a drinks cup, then it's pastel colours, a gorgeous logo and super soft cotton wool. I love it!

I'm going to pop this onto my dressing table for decoration. I love Japanese items so much as they are unique, colourful and cute and I can see my collection growing. The only thing I can say as a slight downfall to the product is that the cup would be better if it was stronger. It's a little flimsy when you try and take the lid off. This is not a problem for me as I'm using it purely for decoration.

A short and sweet post . Sometimes photos say it better <3

Laura xoxo

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