Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NYC - Times Square NOTD

I received this New York Color- (NYC) polish in my Miss Glossy box that I subscribe to and I actually had enough points from completing the surveys to order one for free. I love this box as it's more colourful and fun than the original Glossybox.
I don't tend to gravitate towards red polishes and I wouldn't choose to purchase one either but seen as though I got it in the little bag I thought I would try it out.
I do really like the vibrancy of the red as it's really bright and I much prefer this shade to say a deeper one. It will go perfectly with a red lace dress I bought a few weeks ago that I showed in my haul.

A glass bottle as the norm with a black plastic lid with the logo implemented on it. The logo on the bottle is easy to spot and looks professional but nothing special. The brush is standard and quite thick as polishes were in the past.

$1.99 So they are cheap and cheerful. So for that price they are great to stock up on a range of colours.
You can buy it in the UK on e-bay from this shop here

As I said the brush is quite thick set and picks up lots of polish which drips. It's hard to get the perfect amount to paint your nails and it ended up rather messy.
Although looking at the photos that is the effect of having only one coat on so with two it would probably have more even coverage.
For the price they are a good product to update with colours that are fun or to add a pop of nail art.
As with other nail polishes that I apply, the day after they have started to chip on the ends slightly.
I love the fact they are American as even just that fact makes me want to try out more shades.
The NYC polish brush - close view.

Do you own any of these polishes?

Laura xoxo