Thursday, 24 October 2013

Helen Rochfort - Drink me - Eat me - handbag

I first saw Helen Rochfort's bags advertised in a magazine (I think it was New! magazine)
Do you know when you see something and you just have to have it? Well this was it! So I researched it and found it for £65. I've had it for a couple of years now and I keep it immaculate as it's one of my favourites. For Christmas I'm getting the 50 years anniversary Sindy one and I am so excited. It arrived yesterday and I was so good that I didn't even peek!
So yes I love Sindy too! <3

I absolutely adore Alice In Wonderland and cupcakes and this bag encapsulates pure beauty.
I love the colours, detailing and  the unique design. It makes me feel like a dressed up dolly when I wear it with an outfit. This suits my personality down to a T :)
There are diamantes adorned on the bag and the clutch part at the top is a clear crystal.
Inside there is a long strap that can be attached to use but I prefer to hold it in my hand. There is a little charm too with the initials HR on that dangles but be careful as this sometimes gets caught in the clasp so the bag won't close until you move it out of the way.

The bag arrives in a pink and white stripy drawstring bag too and a certificate of authenticity which I haven't photographed here.

It is definitely one of my favourite bags ever! Helen once advertised a pink cupcake ring too and I was too late at getting one! Boo! She now does scarves, satchels, clutches and phone cases too.
There are a wide range of designs available and the more I look , the more I want!

She also has a Facebook page too which is here.

Laura xoxo