Saturday, 5 October 2013

pixi Lip Blush - Luck

I won this Pixi Lip Blush from the company on their Twitter page. They sent it out very quickly and wrapped it up in pink tissue paper which gave it a lovely personal touch.

They have some gorgeous shades available and I would have loved to have received the shades 'Youth' which is a soft baby pink, 'Happiness' which is a pink berry rose, 'Love' a true strawberry red or 'Energy' which is a light coral apricot.

I like the box that it is packaged in, especially the pair of lips adorned on the side.
I also like the lip blush pen with the floral design and the logo.

The lid clicks into place and it reminds me of a secure felt-tip pen.
I noticed straight away the scent of this lip blush. It is absolutely gorgeous and smells of mixed berries and as I like fruity scents this is a winner in my eyes.

I've not really tried any lip stains in a pen-like form before but I found the product easy to apply. It left a tingly feeling on my lips as it was drying and I added a couple of layers to obtain a deeper effect.

I wouldn't have chosen this shade for myself but from looking back at the picture from me wearing it I do quite suit it. I tend to go for more pinks and corals and this is a darker shade of mauve which I'm just not drawn to.

Here is what Pixi state about their product;

"Award winning.
A long lasting, sheer yet full-pigment matte lip stain that creates a blushing, healthy stay-on hue
What it is formulated to do:
Lip Blush provides a matte stain of colour on lips that lasts and lasts without needing to re-apply - for a minimum of 8 hours! Perfect for days when you are on the go. This feather-light water stain provides deep colour with a unique non-drying formula - lips stay supple and hydrated. Precision felt tip gives a perfectly defined lip line with a sheer yet highly pigmented colour payoff. Color is translucent and can be built up or darkened with added layers."

With a few layers I found that this product lasted a few hours and then it needed reapplying. It may well last the full 8 hours with more layers applied but with it being my first application, I carefully lined it on and then went out. As it is a stain I wasn't entirely sure of how much I was supposed to apply, as it was sinking into my lips I thought it was enough. Clearly next time I will ensure that I add more.

I love how it is supposed to last for 100-150 applications too as this is long-lasting.

I will definitely repurchase this again but in a different shade next time.

Have you tried the brand Pixi before? What would you recommend from the range of products?

Thankyou very much to pixi :)