Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Beauty UK, Benefit, JvG, Maybelline, Bourjois, Urban Decay FOTD

After accumulating quite a lot of beauty items I thought I would kill two birds with one stone , so to speak, and try out two of my new products which I bought and received in my Miss Glossy box. This bag of beauty products contains 4 or 5 high street beauty products. I love high end items but also love high street ones too, discovering gems and trying out new colours.

The two products I decided to try on my 'face of the day' were the Beauty UK posh pout ( a twist-up tinted lip balm ) £2.99 and JG/ JvG make-up collection soft touch eyeliner 10 - waterproof £6.95

I am incredibly impressed with both of these products and would definitely repurchase again. The Beauty UK posh pout I have in shade 3 which is 'Power to the Purple' although on the sticker it says purole. I didn't even know what purole meant!
I thought it was a lip crayon and with the excellent creamy pigmentation I didn't realise it was a tinted lip-balm until I  looked closely at the crayon . The lip crayon glides on effortlessly and it is easy to apply whilst leaving a lustrous colour. The purple elements gives the pink an impressive kick in the right direction. I really want to try out more of these products and see what the rest of the range has to offer too.

I'd never heard of the brand JvG before and after researching I found it on MONU professional skincare and it's used for bridal make up too. The eyeliners are available in a range of shades too but I'm glad I received the black shade as it's more wearable for everyday for me personally.
I have a collection of eye liners and I only wear ones that are soft and easy to apply as I can't stand ones that drag or are hard and pencil crayon like. I get rid of them straight away if that's the case. However this one is a dream to apply and has a really strong colour. I'm not sure about it being waterproof as it came off easily but then again it didn't streak in the rain though either! I forgot about it being waterproof to be honest.

Products I used.
 Here are the products I used. I love Benefit and the Fake Up works really well and is moisturising. Mine is in the shade 02 Medium. I've hit pan on my Coralista Benefit blusher! I tend to wear this everyday and it has lasted absolutely ages so it works out great value for money.
I've had this Maybelline mascara pulse perfection stashed in my drawer still in its packaging. It reminds me of an electric toothbrush and putting it near your eyes! I also use the Bourjois chocolate bronzer. I don't wear foundation unless it's a night out somewhere.
Love this Urban decay palette I use it everyday!

I adore Urban Decay

Beauty UK Posh Pout

Power to the Purple

Soft touch eyeliner

Lip balm shade

Creamy formula

All products used together.
I absolutely love the Beauty UK posh pout. Look at the colour! <3