Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cutesie Mini primark haul

I was sat at the hairdressers the other Friday and I think it was in Look magazine that I saw a jumper that I needed to own. I absolutely adore cutesie items and this was Disney's Bambi jumper from Primark.
I also needed in my life an Ariel t-shirt that I had seen but didn't know whether they still had it in stock or not. I love Mermaids and again it's a winner being Disney.
I also heard that they had sweetie print leggings from Maliberry Makeup blog too so I set out on Saturday with these three items in mind.

The Primark was huge and I thought the women's items were only on one floor and that is why I was so disappointed at first to not be able to find them but the beauties were hiding on the second floor!

I grabbed the Bambi jumper when I saw it. My eyes lit up ha ha! I saw the sweetie leggings but they looked a bit too yellowy for me- if they were on a pink/ white background I would have definitely bought them. I then saw Ariel and that made my trip complete.

However on the first floor I saw two hats that I needed in my life. I usually buy the cute ones from River Island but these ones were £3 each which is amazing!

Pom-Poms and pink heart- instant want!

Amazing crystals - I adore rainbow crystals!

Close-up of jewels <3

Ariel t-shirt- needed this! £6

My gorgeous Bambi jumer <3 £10

Super happy with my mini haul. Disney and rainbow crystals make me happy :)

Laura xoxo