Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Watch Hut Wishlist

When browsing The Watch Hut I spotted a variety of watches that I would love to receive as a gift especially with Christmas approaching. From the 15th to 20th October they also have upto 70% off which is great if you're organised like me and buy in advance. I have quite a lot of presents to buy for family and friends each year so I always start early and look out for any discounts for an added bonus. The more I take a peek on this site the more I find that I like and with the variety that they stock I could easily find one for each member of my Christmas list.
Here are my 'Top 8'  favourite watches that I have chosen from The Watch Hut which I absolutely love myself. I have split them into two different sections as with my fashion style I either tend to go for pastel, cutesy, sweetie prints or black , classic and skulls which is a stark contrast!

Casio watches are really popular at the moment for both men and women and both my boyfriend and brother are sporting them as their favourites. You can always tell when a product is in fashion when you got to Urban Outfitters and see them being stocked there, which Casio have been for quite a while now. I love the mini size of this watch and the maroon colour as it will perfectly colour match my new leggings that I showed in my Selfridge's Primark haul.
I've ended up putting four Michael Kor's watches on my list as they are stunning! I love the shades so much they look 'clean' and polished but did you notice I also had to add a bright pink one in there too!
Now these four picks are the colours that I gravitate to and need in my life. I do understand that the first four that I chose are versatile and will go with so many outfits but my personality is to love these little beauties. I adore all of these brands too and the colours are absolutely gorgeous.

Do you share the same favourites as me?

Laura xoxo