Monday, 7 October 2013

Born 2B Pretty

Rayofglitter : Lush Lacquer's Born 2B Pretty
Once coat // Front of polish // Back of polish
 This is the third bottle of polish that I bought from Lush Lacquer that I have chosen to swatch. As I have mentioned previously I chose five mini bottles of polish and the decision as to which colours to choose was so difficult because there were so many gorgeous polishes to choose from.
I decided to get a purple base colour as I don't own too many purples and I  definitely didn't own this shade of lush lilacness beforehand.

As you can see with one coat it is not opaque and again the coverage is uneven in some places. However, with two coats added, it changes to a smooth opaqueness.

I adore this base colour so much and the hexagonal pink, purple and green confetti inside it complements it exceedingly well. It reminded me of Parma Violets and I look as though I am wearing candy / sweeties on my nails that look good enough to eat.

It lasts a good few days before it chips and then I find that it is easy to remove. It just kind of peels off and the glitter / confetti residue has a medium sparseness so it removes with the actual polish rather than sticking behind.

                            Two coats of polish // Nail polish brush // Close-up of the colour.