Saturday, 5 October 2013

RICH pure luxury instense moisture shampoo

I have almost used all of this RICH pure luxury intensive moisture shampoo and therefore I can give it a thorough review. I'd not seen this brand readily available before and on researching to find where it was stocked,  I found that it is based in Champs-Elyes√©es.

The shampoo is enclosed in a medium- thickness plastic tube with a secure screw bottom lid.
The shimmery gold tube makes it appear expensive as it reminds me of royalty.
The logo is elaborately adorned and features a crown above the 'RICH' text.

You can buy it direct from their website for 12.90€ for 250ml.
I only had a 80ml tube and it lasted me for quite a while.

Here's what they have to say about their product;

" A truly extravagant daily shampoo that delivers intense moisture & shine.

Hair is gently cleansed whilst Pro-Vitamin B5 strengthens dry, damaged areas. Aloe Vera Extract moisturises & hydrates and Avocado Oil leaves hair feeling soft & smooth.

Derivatives of Coconut Oil help reduce static and ensure hair looks truly exquisite and full of shine. Ideal for all hair types especially dry and chemically treated hair. "

This sounded perfect for my hair type as being naturally curly it needs moisture as it can get dry and also I have highlights too.

I found this to be a thick, moisturising shampoo that did leave my hair feeling softer and a lot shinier when it caught the light.
The scent  is reminiscent of a hair salon with the professional aroma and I find it very pleasant to use.
It does add a little moisture to my hair however I feel that maybe if I used the rest of the products together in the range this would increase the performance it has for me and it does actually state this on the back of the packaging.
I wouldn't say that it repaired my damaged hair as the only way to do this is with a haircut but it can improve the texture and shine temporarily.

I would definitely repurchase this again as it is a luxurious shampoo and it has great features that actually work.

Have you ever used this shampoo before? What did you think?