Monday, 14 October 2013

Boujies London - Black pepper candle

I was very kindly sent a Boujies black pepper candle*  from Boujies London to try out and review which I couldn't wait to receive. After recently moving into a new home and buying all new furnishings this was a welcome addition to add to our decor. Not only does this candle fit perfectly with our colour scheme it's also a benefit to have a lovely scented home. Candles also create a calming ambience and when it's time to relax at night it is these finishes which add the extra touch of cosiness.

The candle I received is in the 'Black Pepper' scent and is a luxuriously scented soy candle.

All about Boujies;
"Boujies are independent perfumers, luxury candle makers and modern alchemists, founded in London’s fashionable Spitalfields market in 2009.
Our vision is to re-discover the natural artistry of british perfumery and develop a range of luxury fragrances, made in england and inspired by nature.
Since our launch, our luxury candles and diffusers have been shortlisted for British gift of the year in both 2011, 2012 and 2013. From humble beginnings, Boujies are now sold by discerning retailers all over the world - from Britain to Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S.
We are very proud of our achievements to date and very much look forward to what the future holds."

All of their products are made in England by their master candle makers.
There are some gorgeous items on their website which are all encased in luxury packaging. I love the colour of the casing on this peony & grapefruit candle which retails for £12. They also sell gift sets such as this Chelsea Flowers Luxury gift set which epitomises class and would make a stunning gift.

The candle casing is pure luxury. It looks expensive and fits in with the decor of a room incredibly well. The lid is designed so it slides on and off with a cushioning- slide effect.
You can clearly see the brand logo on the top of the candle lid- it does remind me of a tin I had with a solid shampoo bar in and also a glitter bug. I think it's a similar font that is triggering my memory.
The candle is hand poured and there is a high level of detail on the casing. I particular like the writing around the rim.
  The colouring for mine is different than the one that I linked to on their website as they must have since redesigned their candles. I like how they have now colour co-ordinated their scents.

Boujies London- Black pepper - lit candle

This 'Black pepper candle' by Boujies retails for £12 with standard UK deliver at £3.95.
If you spend over £50 then delivery is complimentary.

 As soon as you lift the lid off the candle you are met with the luxurious scent of the black pepper. My favourite scents happen to be fruity, vanilla, coconut or cocoa and whilst this is none of those it's a gorgeous scent that I keep on smelling to try and place what it actually contains.
It smells of a perfume that is incredibly wealthy and uses the best ingredients but it is a unique scent that I just can't place. It definitely has floral notes contained inside.
It has an impressive burn time of approximately 35 hours so with this you are definitely getting your moneys worth. I do think that I need to burn this candle for a sustained amount of time to fill my room with the aroma.

Have you ever bought anything from Boujis London?

Laura xoxo

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