Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween! MOTD Beautyuk Festival palette

Happy Halloween!

As my new *Beautyuk Palette is the Festival one I thought that today being Halloween would be the perfect opportunity to get creative with the bright colours. The inspiration came to me whilst walking little Alfie this morning down a long path full of trees and autumn leaves. Ha ha my hair is so wind swept but big hair don't care!!
This palette would be fabulous for bright butterflies creatively applied in the Spring / Summer time too!
I swatched and showed the pallette in more detail here in my previous blog post.

I love face art and so decided to create a simple pumpkin first on my cheek and used the green, black, yellow and orange shades. I blended and shaded the colours to give more of a dimensional look.

I then drew simple lines and joined them together by using the black eyeshadow. I then added a little blue and green and attached a spider!

I have figured out this week that my nail art and creative make up skills are basic ha ha! You've either got it or you haven't and I think my skills are lost somewhere in Fairyland.

I really really need a chocolate apple that are out in supermarkets this month plus tonight I'm making sure we watch something spooky. Today is one of those days that I keep waiting for something to happen........... but sometimes you need to make things happen yourself <3

Laura xoxo