Saturday, 19 July 2014

Under The Heather- Nail Polish Review

I have a new found love for all things lilac and I gravitate towards them. . Whether it's a lilac handbag (which I don't yet own) lilac shoes or dresses, it's my new summer shade. I had my new shoes in mind when I chose this Beautyuk  *No7Under The Heather Polish as I love co-ordinating and what better way to match your nails to your shoes?

The polish retails at £2.99 which is an affordable price and the bottles are clean and crisp looking with the addition of the white lids.

The polish was really easy to apply but requires two coats for opacity and an even finish. I loved how the polish has a high gloss finish and didn't need for me to add a top coat. I left a longer time between each coat this time and got a perfect finish without smudging. 

Here's my new shoes. What do you think? Quite a good match between heather and lilac?
I wanted to try out the ultra gloss again but as soon as I added this to the my polish and rummaged in my wardrobe to retrieve my shoes they smudged! Story of my life. Note to self. Leave the glossy top coat to matte shades or don't root around in my wardrobe after polishing my nails.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item sent for an honest review.