Friday, 18 July 2014

Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip Reviews

I absolutely love these *Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip Crayons. These are my favourite products from their whole collection and today I have five of them to review for you. I get so excited about lip items and especially lip crayons which are a dream to apply and look super pretty. If you're searching for a product which will add colour and provide a smooth feeling to your lips then these could be the ones for you. They are available in six different shades and I have previously talked about the Power To The Purple one here

They retail for £2.99 each which I think is a really great price especially for the effectiveness of them. These crayons are tinted lip balms in a twist up format which provide the lips with moisture and a rush of colour. All of the lip colours lasted for a very impressive three to four hours on my lips and I could still feel the smoothness after all that time. The colours then faded so this would be the time to reapply. The colours did transfer because I kissed my puppy's cheek whilst wearing Corally Incorrect and it left him a red lips mark!

The shades from left to right are; *How Nude! *Would I Lilac to You? *Big Pinkin', *Corally Incorrect and *Sugar Plum Fairy

Here are the swatches. From top to bottom there is How nude, Would I Lilac to you? Big Pinkin', Corally Incorrect and finally Sugar Plum Fairy.
They felt super smooth when applying to the back of my hand for swatches and also extremely smooth and soft on my lips.

How Nude! This one had the strongest scent of mint to it. As you can see it adds a little colour to the lips. If you are wanting a subtle everyday lip shade then this would be the one for you. It enhanced my natural lip colour a little by adding pale pink, moisture and smoothness.

Would I Lilac to you? adds a flush of pinky purple-ness. In my crayon there was a fleck of darker purple which I had to take out as it was leaving a darker streaky line. After this it was perfect.

Big Pinkin' is my absolute favourite. It's more pigmented than the previous two and adds a gorgeous Barbie pink to the lips which I love.

Corally Incorrect is the crayon which has the highest pigmentation. If you're wanting a vibrant shade then this is the one for you. I really like the tone of this red colour. Like with all of the crayons you can add more colour by layering.

Finally is Sugar Plum Fairy which on my lips looks quite natural. It darkens them and would be great for people who like the subtle look.

Twist up packaging so need to fuss with sharpeners.
Smooth feeling.
Adds moisture to the lips.
Minty scent.
Cheap price.
Great colour selection.

Improvements needed:
The product information states vibrant colours whereas I feel that only Big Pinkin' and Corally Incorrect offer this.
Would I Lilac to You? had a little imperfection of darker purple added to it which made the colour uneven. 

Overall I absolutely recommend these lip colours for everyday wear and for nights out. I can't get enough of these Posh Pouts.

What's your favourite shade?

Love Laura xoxo

*PR items kindly sent for an honest review.