Thursday, 31 July 2014

Flavourly Food Unboxing - July

This month's Flavourly box was absolutely jam packed with goodies. The box costs £20 and is sent out monthly and today I have another unboxing and review for you.

First up for discussion is the presentation of the box. The brown paper and shredding matches well to the natural products that are sourced in the box. The paper is held together with a Flavourly branded sticker.

The products were well placed in the box and this is what I first saw when opening the paper.

Rani's Quality Mixture £1 for 60g is a gourmet Bombay mix which tastes really fresh and light as pure sunflower oil has been used. It's also crunchy and has a spicy kick to it. I would repurchase this again for the quality of it.

Clearly Scrumptious - Simply Golden Berries £1.19 for 30g. These golden berries are a superfood and I really wanted to love them but they were far too sour for me. They are meant to awaken your taste buds and they certainly did that. I love how they are 100% natural and healthy but I would have preferred the strawberry or apple varieties instead.

Seed and Bean Chocolate Co- Organic creamy white chocolate- Lemon and Poppy Seed £2.89. I have previously tasted a variety of Seed and Bean Chocolate from one of their gift packs at Christmas and it's honestly one of the best chocolate bars I have ever had. The creamy white chocolate has poppy seeds inside to give a crunch and is infused with Italian lemon oil. You can tell when you eat this chocolate that the finest ingredients have been used. Simply divine. I would definitely repurchase.

Drink me Chai- An aromatic blend of tea, milk and spices- £2 for the tub and I received two sachets so approx. £1. Real ground spices have been used with milk, black tea and spices to produce an authentic Indian chai latte. All you have to do is add hot water and stir or if you would like it to be creamier then add half milk, half water. There are only 90 calories per cup and they are 99% caffeine free.

Pepper and Stew - Eastern Africa- Niter Kibbeh Spices £2. A variety of these has been produced by Pepper and Stew to make African recipes quick and easy. Each packet has a recipe idea on the reverse and this particular one can be used to make a spiced clarified butter. These are an interesting idea and great to have an authentic taste in a simple, ready to use packet.

Get Fruity- Scrumptious Strawberry £0.89. This is the best fruit bar that I have ever tasted in my life. It's made from a blend of whole grain oats with added fruit and fruit juice. I can really taste and smell the coconut oil used in this bar and it is absolutely delicious. I would definitely repurchase. I'm in fruity heaven with these.

Super Nature- Ginger infused cold pressed rapeseed oil £2.45 for 100ml. This particular variety is recommended for use in stir fries and roast vegetables and also is available in lemon, garlic and chilli. This is really healthy and I can't wait to try it out.

Trotter's Mojito Marmalade- £2.95. Byam Trotter specialises in sourcing, developing and producing products that are hard to obtain in the UK's market. This is definitely unusual and a real talking point. I love Mojito cocktails and I like marmalade too so this is an interesting concept. There are lots of recipes available on their website and the recommendations are to spread on toast, use on ice-cream, crumbles and in baking.

Eat 17- Cowboy Bacon Jam- £3.99. A BBQ flavoured relish with bacon. Super interesting idea that Eat 17 use on their burgers in their restaurant. It would be fab to use at a BBQ party and spread on burgers, bread, chicken or ribs. They have a host of ideas on their website for inspiration too. 

Darling Corn- Smoked Toasted Corn Kernels £0.69. Darling Spuds is from the same creators as Salty Dog crisps. These are gluten free and a healthy snack.

Berry White organic drinks- Lemon, ginger and Acai berry with white tea and Yerba mate £1.60. These drinks contain super fruits and are light and refreshing.

Lizi's Granola- On The Go £1.19. This is a single portion and with the clever packaging, it doubles up as a bowl with a spoon. It has lactose free milk powder added so that when you add a few spoonfuls of water it turns into a healthy breakfast. What a fab idea and I love granola too.

The box costs £20 and my items added up to £22.53. So what Flavourly in effect does, is source the healthy food products, for you to save you the time in collecting them together yourself. The items are all of exceptionally high quality with the best ingredients used.
There is a fantastic variety included in this box and overall I'm really pleased with it. My favourite items are the Get Fruity Strawberry bar, the Seed and Bean chocolate, Lizi's granola, Eat 17 Cowboy Jam and Trotter's Mojito Marmalade.

Have you tried any of these brands before?

Love Laura xoxo