Monday, 14 July 2014

Miss Selfridge Perfume And Body Collection Review

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well and had fun-filled weekends. We enjoyed a tasty BBQ on Saturday night washed down with Crabbie's Ginger beers. Yummy!
Today I have a review for you on the new Miss Selfridge perfumes and body collection. I have the body mist, body lotion, body wash, shimmer powder and their two perfumes in the scents Beau and Etoile. 
Miss Selfridge sell such lovely clothes and I was unaware that they sold perfumes, body and beauty items too until I saw the information about them on their Twitter feed.

First up we have the perfumes in the scents Beau and Etoile. These retail at £12 for 50ml which I think is a great price, especially if you love the scent of them too.
I love the vintage feel of the cylindrical perfume boxes and they look beautiful stored on my dressing table. 
Now, on first thoughts, I was drawn to the pink shade and the gorgeous name of Beau. The bottle inside is gorgeous but I've learnt never to judge a book by its cover as it's actually the Etoile scent that I prefer. 

Beau is intended for a daytime fragrance and has top notes of pink grapefruit, English pear, raspberry ripple, Violet Absolute, Roe De Mai and Jasmine. 
The base notes are Vanilla Absolute, Cedarwood and white musks.
Now from looking at all of those fruity top notes and the Vanilla Absolute base note I would have thought that I'd have loved this perfume but that's not the case for me. I think it has something to do with the white musks that are included as ever since I've been young I remember smelling the White Musk fragrance from the Body Shop and it's definitely not one for me.
I would describe Beau as being very sugary-sweet and floral.

Etoile on the other hand has a purple bottle and packaging and is intended for night use and this is my preferred scent which surprised me. It has top notes of Neroli, Sicilian Bergamot, Black Cassis, Lotus Tea, Muguet and Campaca flower. The base notes include vanilla creme, Sacred Woods and skin musks.

Now a little rundown on the three body products;

The Body Wash retails at £4 and contains the essential oils lemongrass, ginger and rosemary. It's easy to lather and massage into the skin and you are hit with the subtle aroma of the oils.

The Body Lotion also retails for £4 and contains the same essential oils as the body wash so you can use it to compliment each other after your shower. For me it was thin in consistency and blended into my skin quite well.

The Body Mist £4 is very handy to carry with you in your handbag to freshen up on the go. It contains the exact same oils as the lotion and wash and smells to me exactly like the Beau perfume fragrance. The essential oils used are meant to make you feel revitalised . I did spritz this on before I left for work and to me it made me feel clean, fresh and ready for my shift. 

I love the gorgeous crystal decanter stopper lids on the bottles as they add a touch of elegance.

Miss Selfridge Shimmer Powder £10. This is my absolute favourite from the collection. The feathery puff is absolutely stunning and exudes the whole French boudoir feel. The pale shimmery powder is contained inside the cardboard packaging in a plastic tub. The shimmer is finely milled and is soft to the touch. It adds a subtle sparkle to the skin and is scented too.

Do you have anything from the Miss Selfridge fragrance and body collection? Which is your favourite?

Love Laura xoxo