Friday, 25 July 2014

Bobby's Life

I've just turned 11 years old.

 A Himalayan chocolate point persian cat and I am super fluffy with cotton-wool soft fur.

I love cat biscuits more than anything but I have to have wet food too as I had bad cystitis when I was two and nearly died. My favourites are Iam's and I love Whiskas pouches. I am really fussy and my mummy has tried me on everything. I also love ham and roast chicken too and get this for my supper. I cry randomly for treats too. My favourites are Dreamies and Temptations. I love cheese so much, especially the soft cheese as I lick it off my mummy's finger and get carried away and bite it.

 I'm not a big drinker and never have been but when I do I have fresh water as anything else will cause my tummy to be upset. I love the brine which is in the tuna tins too.

 My favourite toys are magazine inserts, ribbon, string, tape measures, crisp packets that have been folded up into a little ball, laser lights, reflections from the sun and flies. I try to eat ribbon and string and  also like to rub my gums on the corners of objects and nibble them. Mummy had to throw three bins away in the past as I bit all of the corners. Every time I have been to the bathroom I have a mad do and run everywhere. I paw at the carpet at imaginary items and run as fast as I can. I also like to run and jump randomly at doors. I love catnip and get very relaxed off this. I rub it all in my face and fur and then lie on the floor for ages afterwards. I run with my brother too as I want him to chase me but most of the time I am in my own world and wonder what he is doing when I realise he is chasing me.

 I am super shy so I don't trust or make friends easily. I have one friend I suppose and he is a Persian cat too called Cinnamon. Other than that I just love knowing where my mummy is and sitting beside her all the time. 

 I love watching flies and trying to get them if they fly in the room. I love watching mummy cook to see if I can get lucky and get given some meat. I watch to see if the puppy comes near me and I bat him away with my paw if he sniffs at my face. I've watched the fish in the BiOrb a few times but then I lost interest and went back to sleep. 

 I listen for the alarm going off in the morning as I know that mummy will feed me my breakfast. I don't wake her up though I just wait patiently. I listen for the sound of mummy's footsteps especially if she is going into the kitchen and I also listen out for the rustle of packets as I think these must be my treats.

I daydream about rolling in catnip and being hand fed treats.

I don't wear anything apart from my fur. Mummy has put the occasional sparkly clip in my fringe or a nice sticker on me but apart from that I like to be naked.

The exercise I mainly do is running up and down the stairs to the toilet, running after I have been to the toilet as fast as I can, wandering outside for fresh air and jumping at doors. I do lots of exercise in my sleep though.

Meow xoxo

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