Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Candy Japan- July Sweeties

This month Candy Japan sent me three delicious Japanese sweeties to try out. Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service and for $25 you are sent two packages per month filled with mystery candy. I love Japanese products, subscription boxes and sweeties so this one seems like a real winner for me. I would prefer it if there was one box per month filled with a lot more goodies instead but maybe that's just me.

*Honey kumquat jelly. These are soft jelly sweets which a liquid kumquat flavour inside of them. Kumquat is a citrus fruit that is used to make jelly in Japan amongst other countries. At first I thought they were orange flavoured by looking at the packaging. These are tasty but my least favourite out of the three as I prefer harder candy.

*Lotte - Salt Milk Caramel- These were by far my favourites. They were creamy, sweet, moreish and delicious. The sweeties are individually wrapped and are made from cream which comes from Hakkaido in Japan.

"*Mario became a gummy!" These are soft gummy type sweeties which are cola flavoured and contain different shapes. They are sweet and have a subtle fruity taste. I love Mario as I used to play the games on my Snes when I was younger and the sweets were great too.

Overall- I loved the packaging and the taste of the candy even though there were only three items to try. I preferred this one to the traditional candy that accompanies green tea that I had in my last box as these were more fun.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR items sent kindly for reviewing purposes and for me to sample the delicious candy!

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