Thursday, 1 May 2014

What Is My Blog About? #BEDM

After scrolling through my Bloglovin' app and catching up on blog posts Rosalilium's BlogEvery Day In May #BEDM was mentioned and I thought that it was a great idea so I signed up. I love how the topics for each days are in advance, that you can find other posts and discover new blogs and talk to new people. It's also a great motivator for me as April was the month that I have blogged the least. I am definitely more productive with a schedule and just when I was planning one, this challenge appeared in my feed. If you would like to join pop on over and sign up. You can also search for the posts on Twitter using #BEDM

So what is my blog about?

My blog Ray Of Glitter was created in August last year and I started to document snippets of my life and to review beauty products. I also adore fashion and show my new fashion finds and outfits too.

My blog helps me to become more motivated as I want my blog to be regularly updated and it provides a focus, challenge and to set goals for myself.

I use my blog to document my life so that I can look back and see changes and all of the activities I got up to and to remind me of happy, positive times.

 To use and appreciate products. I have so many items of clothing and beauty products and for a while I just kept them in perfect condition. I then had a  new perspective where I thought that the items are no good if they fade, go off or dry and up and they haven't even been enjoyed so my blog helps with trying out the items by documenting and reviewing them.

To have an escapism. I am a really bubbly person but at times I need to recharge, switch off and pursue my own interests. I love reading other peoples' blog posts and I also need to centre myself and to simply become lost in thought. Without this I become frustrated.

My blog has enabled me to become even  more creative. I see a craft opportunity everywhere I look and reading other blogs and watching Youtube videos has inspired me to start crafting and organise my belongings.

 My blog has enabled me to work with some fantastic brands and to review their products. In doing so, positive relationships have been made and communicating effectively, being organised and super reliable are key strengths that I have practiced and developed.

 To talk to people with similar interests. When I first started my blog, I discovered people who had started writing at a similar time to me such as Hannah from Hannah's Beauty Sweet who is really lovely. People have left genuine comments on my blog and if I love a blog post, I try to either like the post on Bloglovin' or leave a comment too. I also love Instagram and lots of users I have discovered have beautiful accounts that are very inspiring.

 My blog hopefully inspires others as I gain lots of inspiration from reading a variety of blogs. I love clear photographs on blogs as I am very visual.

My blog also enables me to write regularly. Ever since I remember I have loved writing. My mum always used to say that when I grew up she thought I would write books. My blog enables me to write about topics that I am passionate about and the greatest motivator for me is for things that I love.

My blog is truly me from the heart and it encompasses my personality and shows you snippets of who I am and what I love. I hope it exudes positivity and makes you smile :)

Love Laura xx