Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Passion Projects #BEDM

Today for #BEDM ( Blog every day in May,) the topic is what you love and would like to make money from. So for this you will gain an insight into some of the things that provide me with great motivation and passion but also I am linking to people who have companies which are inspirational for me. I am a fully qualified teacher and my degree was combined with English Language and Literature. I love caring and helping people rather than a sole focus of making lots of money. I would much rather be happy although money is nice to have.

Now if I think about my true passion then that would be to save animals. I cannot stand the thought of animals being treated cruelly, neglected or left without a home so I would set up an organisation which would protect them. This is from my heart and I wouldn't do this to make money in the slightest. I am just interested in giving.

The topics I am highly motivated by, if I was to think about my passions and making a profit, would be to design and create lipsticks, make unique clothing, create an inspirational quote book full of sayings and positive ideas to keep people happy, decorate make up cases, create paper art and create headbands. These are the ideas that I would put lots of effort into as I love them and they are super creative.

Everything Alice- Hannah Read-Baldrey
 I absolutely love the books created by Hannah Read-Baldrey. I have this Alice one, the Oz book and the Girl's night in one too. They are packed full of inspiration, fantastic photos and crafts. These are the best craft books that I own and they are in different league to others. I love Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz so much and these books are brilliant.

Image credit:Lime Crime

I would love to create lipstick shades and have amazing packaging like Lime Crime has. I love holographic and unicorns and these look beautiful, innovative and quirky. I love the design of Doe's website too as it's bright, fun and sets itself apart from other brands available.

Image Credit: Beauxoxo
 I adore Georgie's headbands. She owns Beauxoxo and a blog too which is really interesting and one of my favourites. She sells a range of hair accessories and I particularly love the whole look that was created in the image above. I need to invest in some of her pieces. How adorable are the glittery hearts?

Image credit: Miss Patisserie
 How gorgeous is this bath cupcake created by Charlotte who owns Miss Patisserie? I have reviewed Miss Patisserie's products previously and they are relaxing, fun, moisturising and smell beautiful. The company was first created in Charlotte's kitchen and she now sells a range of products. I also love the design of the website too.

I absolutely love the I'm Your Present Etsy shop. Kelly creates a variety of creative pieces which are quirky, beautiful and innovative. Here is my make up case which has been  adorned in her creative style. I would love to be able to do something like this. I love how a lot of thought also goes into the packaging too.

What motivates you?

Love Laura xoxo

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