Friday, 2 May 2014

Five Of My Favourite Posts #BEDM

Happy Friday everyone,

Today I have chosen five of my favourite blog posts that I have written on Ray Of Glitter within the past eight months.
I have just been looking back at my photography and I like the decorative shots the best. Some that I have previously taken needed a bit more artistic flair but I am learning all of the time. It was quite nostalgic looking back through posts and photographs and I can see how far I have come. 

I absolutely loved the look of these Barry M Aquarium nail polishes when they had been released and I had to have them. Anything to do with Mermaids and I am attracted like a moth to a flame. I like the look of the bottles on my dressing table and I also like the swatches I did too on the nail wheels. The longevity of the polishes is really good and I like the colour change in the light. You can see my original blog post here.

I chose this post as I love the outfit that I have put together here that I wore on New Years Eve. I like co-coordinating and putting items together and the dress that I was sent from Bank is gorgeous. As you can see, I like a lot of sparkle! You can read my original post here.

I chose this post as I like the way that my review is organised. I think it is clear and I like my photography too. I love the pink of this lipcrayon too. They are so easy to apply and this colour is so vibrant. You can read my post here.

I chose this post as I put a lot of effort into reviewing the three fizzy bath balls. The colours were really vibrant and as I usually take showers, having a bath and using these was a real treat. Here are my posts; Flower Chick, Jungle Flower and Bunch Of Roses.

Finally, My Pastel BBQ Ideas which was from my Wednesday wishlist. I love the pieces I have chosen and it took quite a bit of time to source all of the products. I really like the final look of the collages that I put together. I love BBQ'S and sunshine and this gives me inspiration which is a huge contributor towards my motivation.

What are your favourite posts?

Love Laura xoxo