Monday, 26 May 2014

Candy Japan Unboxing - Tea Time Edition

Image Credit: Candy Japan

Hi everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekends or had fun this weekend just gone. Today I have a subscription box all the way from Japan called *Candy Japan which specialises in sending out boxes of Japanese sweeties twice monthly for $25 with free delivery worldwide.
This box took around three weeks to arrive as they have set shipment dates which was quite a while but definitely worth the wait.

I love receiving subscription boxes through the post as it's like being sent Birthday presents which can cheer you up and you get to try out and discover new items that you may not have seen before.
As soon as I heard of Candy Japan I knew that I wanted to try out a box. I love Japanese candy and also love their cute, quirky stationery as I am drawn to it.

Communication with the owner of the company was great and whilst you don't receive an insert with information about all of the products in the box, you do receive an e-mail a few weeks after ordering to let you know what is contained and background information on your box. The Candy arrives in a secure carboard box that can fit through your letter box. It is secured with pretty washi tape and inside there's no extra frills, just the candy.

So this specific box has a theme of 'Tea Time' Konnichiwa. Inside the candy box you receive two green tea bags in case you didn't have any already at home to enjoy with your sweets. The background for the box states that if you were to visit a Japan home and had green tea and candy prepared for you then it would be very similar to the contents of this box.

The round sweets are named Momoyama and contain white bean paste. The yellow and white oblong sweeties are named Monaka and contain red bean paste and have wafers inside made from Mochi.

The Momoyama has a cake texture and is sweet. All of these candies would sweeten up the green tea as most Japanese people take it without milk and sweeteners.

The Monaka sweeties have a delicate wafer outer and a sweet paste inner.

I love the surprise element of this box and that I have learnt about something new too which I love doing especially when I find things interesting. I'd love to see what is contained in future boxes too. Thanks very much to Bemu for sending out a box to review. If you would like to find out more or subscribe you can click here.

Do you like the look of this box?

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item kindly sent for review.