Friday, 9 May 2014

My Motivation Tips #BEDM

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Happy Friday everyone! 
So today for #BEDM the topic is motivation. 
My tips to keep motivated are to keep lists. Write down everything that needs to be done and goals that you would like to achieve and tick them off. If you put them up somewhere you can see them regularly, it helps you to accomplish them as you are reminded of them. If things are out of sight for me then they are out of my mind.

Being really organised helps with my motivation too so a schedule and routine for me is a must. I can get so much more done when I know what I have to achieve for the day. Without a schedule I can be 50/50. Some days I won't do hardly anything and then the next day I do so much as I am really spontaneous.

My motivation is boosted whenever I feel pressure too. I've always been one of those people that leaves everything until the last minute and then get everything done. Sometimes I surprise myself and get things done early as I really don't like stress at all. 

If I am overworked then I become exhausted so easily and therefore my motivation goes out of the window for everything as I just want to sleep . I make sure that I have time to unwind and pursue interests.  

Post-it notes and pretty stationery help too with motivation as when everything looks tidy it clears your head so that you can think. How cute are the ones above? I need them.

Communicating helps with my motivation too. This can be triggered by conversations with people and gaining inspiration for what they have done that has worked.

I love the saying that you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce! I always try and cram as much as I can into my days and I am constantly busy.

I am motivated from the inspiration I see around me too and that I seek out. I love visual photographs or recipes from magazines and I love reading blogs too and watching Youtube videos. These all motivate me to eat healthier, try new recipes, organise my belongings, be time efficient and generally boost my mood levels.

Love Laura xoxo

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