Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Weekend Morning Routine #BEDM

I wake up in the morning by the sight of little Alfie. He is always the last up in the mornings and quickly goes outside and then runs back to bed! (Lazy rascal.) He will be one years old this month. He is a whippet and has a fantastic temperament. He can be super soft and cuddly but also hyperactive. Through the week we are always up at half past six but at the weekends it is around 8am.

These two Persian brothers need feeding as soon as I wake up. Cinnamon acts as though he hasn't been fed in a week first thing in the morning and cries nonstop. He loves his food so much and is really affectionate. Bobby is excited too but makes less noise. He is really patient.

I always need a cup of tea first thing in the morning so that I feel like I am coming to. I like just regular tea with lots of milk. I used to have a sugar in too but now I just drink it without and have got used to it. I love coffee too but reach for the tea bags. I love this cup set that my mum bought me so much as I love Alice in Wonderland.

 I shower every morning and love being in there. This is my new shower gel which smells of bubblegum.

Breakfast time: If I'm at work I always have breakfast before I go as I get so hungry and start to feel ill if I skip it. At home and out of a routine I love having pancakes as they are my favourite. These ones by Abra-Ca-Debora are delicious. I do love fruit salads too with yoghurt over the top or simply on its own. I also sometimes have Nutella or Peanut butter on toast.

I love statement necklaces and love putting outfits together. When I have more time at the weekends I have more time to think about what to wear. 

 After I've got dressed I apply make up. Here I have moisturiser, lipstick, eyeliner, eye-shadow and mascara on. I have an array of headbands too so try to wear them as often as I can. 

Alfie then needs to go on a long walk to burn off his energy. I walk swiftly to keep fit as well.

 Here is the little tinker with his frisbee that he wouldn't really let go of.

What's your weekend routine?

Love Laura xoxo

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