Wednesday, 21 August 2013

You're so glossy!

I first came across Glossybox at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham , two years ago, where staff were promoting it. I wasn't in the mood for signing up to a monthly subscription fee and receiving samples as I was too busy paying for bagfulls of make up and eating marshmallows dipped in chocolate!
However I stumbled across Glossybox again on YouTube with unboxing videos and became intrigued. I wanted to get my hands on the goodies so therefore I signed upto the monthly subscription fee to see what it was all about.

I pay £10 plus p+p which is around £2.95

Each month I get excited by the delivery person dropping my box of beauties off as it feels like my Birthday every time I receive one and open the packaging. The boxes are well wrapped and inside there is delicate tissue paper beautifully folded, ribbon that is tied into a bow and a glossy logo sticker to seal. I always keep it pristine by wrapping it back up after I have taken a peek inside !

I have been subscribed for around a year now so have accumulated lots of Glossyboxes which i use in my makeup drawers to organise into categories ! I keep the tissue paper in and the filling that comes with it.

So here is what I got this month in the 'high flyers' box for August 2013. The products come from different places around the world for 'the girl on the go'

Sweden: Emite make up eyelash curlers approx £20 . These look very professional and are curved to fit for different eye shapes. I am pleased I got these as I don't actually own any . I gave my other brand new ones away.

USA: TRESemme keratin smooth concentrated treatment shot. 15ml for £1.49. I'm looking forward to using this as my hair is naturally wavy and highlighted so I love trying new hair products to tame the mane !

Brazil: Oceane makeup remover pen. Not yet available in the UK. I've never owned one of these before but I'm sure it will come I handy when I use liquid eyeliner and draw on my face by accident!

UK: Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 shadow/liner £10.50 . I love love love this brand and always buy 2 bags from the Clothes Show Live . The products are packaged so beautifully that they look gorgeous on my dressing table . The lip glosses also smell divine! I tried this out and it's really easy to use, if quite thick, but glides on easily. I would personally use it just for eyeliner as black eyeshadow with my colouring would be too dramatic !

Finally: Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream . Full size £7.99 A brand new skincare range which reflects their holistic health and well being. The scent to this is one of mintiness and nature. Although the tube is small it will last me quite a while as I only use a tiny bit.

So, overall there are some good products there and I am happy but there's nothing that gets me excited !

Let's see what next month's box brings.