Monday, 26 August 2013

Wham bam thankyou glam !

So today's prettiness comes in the form of this retro makeup set from one of my favourite brands Benefit ! This is just sheer happiness in an oblong!
Currently I'm trying to write this post with my puppy curled up on my knee. His nose keeps poking the iPad . Last week he bit through the laptop charger in a rapid three lightning seconds. I ordered a new one and waited four loooooong days and when it finally arrived it didn't work ! I googled blue flashing lights, took the battery out but still to no avail . So I've ordered a new one. This time Alfie baby will be not getting anywhere near !!

The set comes with Girl meets Pearl - a liquid pearl for the face
Four eye shadows 'pink fancy' 'icy lilac' 'posh amethyst' and 'precious pewter'
A two tone glamming face powder
BADgal lash mascara
Lipgloss- life on the A list

Design: perfectly compact with good use of space. A glam, luxe artistry with top lid mirror.

My thoughts: I absolutely recommend a million percent the lipgloss . I've owned a selection before and not only do they smell gorgeous they have a  really conditioning texture which I love having on my lips. I don't like lipgloss which is sticky where your hair flicks and sticks and Benefit is one of the lipglosses that I return to as it doesn't do this.
I've used the mascara as I've owned about 6 of these and although I like the colour I'm just not sold with the effects it has on my eyelashes. It doesn't give a wow factor at I like. It's great as an everyday work one however .
The 'girl meets pearl' adds a highlight to cheekbones which is very prettiful.
The neutral eyeshadows apply well and are perfect for blending.
The gleaming face powder makes a nice change from my Coralista blush to mix it up a bit.

Overall : perfect kit for glam stars !