Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A little nutty!

I love body butters so much. I love the scents available and the moisturising qualities of them. I use them mostly everyday after I've had a shower and they make my skin smell so tasty ! Some of my favourites include the Body shop range and Palmer's body butter as both of those are extremely moisturising and smell divine!

I received the Nip + Fab pistachio sundae dry skin fix body butter in a previous Glossybox and my initial thoughts were "I would've preferred a fruity one!" After sending a picture to my friend of the contents of my box and vice versa I wanted hers instead! I then popped it away with the rest of my moisturisers and on the spur of the moment opened the packaging a few days ago.

"Pampers your skin with an appetising aroma."

As soon as I twisted the container I was literally in aroma heaven . I don't think I have smelt a more moreish body butter in my life! If you like the smell of marzipan and nutty sweeties then this is the body butter for you! I could smell this all day long. In fact I may get some strange looks if I keep on involuntarily sniffing my arm !

I first found out about this brand when I saw it advertised in my magazine. On an airport visit on the way to Frankfurt last year I saw the brand in Boots and the mini holiday products were on 3 for 2 . I bought the coconut variety and that smelt great too but was not in the same league as this one.

 I'm not sure if it was the climate but after a couple of weeks the consistency of the body butter started to go watery but I'm hoping it was just with the travelling I did or that it had been on the shelf too long and that this one will not go the same way. Time will tell with this.

I received this in a small 50ml container and now need a humongous one so I can 'bathe' in it!

So the moral of this story is .... Never judge a body butter by its colour!

For more details visit Nip+Fab 
After researching the site it states they have been discontinued! They are however still available from Boots and Amazon to name but a few. Phew!

Nip + Fab body butter goodness.